World Flipper: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide And Tips & Tricks

Here are all the tips and tricks for all the newbies in World Flipper!

Wolrd Flipper is the latest gacha game developed by Cygames. It has an amazing gameplay and several beautiful characters in it. The game offers unique pinball mechanics which we usually do not get to see in anime games. World Flipper is all about building your own team and win against the opponent to level up in the game.

If you are new to World Flipper then you must go through this beginner’s guide to avoid any mistake and play like a strong player since the beginning of the game.

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World Flipper Beginner’s Guide And Tips:

World Flipper beginner's guide

Here are all the tips and tricks for all the new players in World Flipper to master in the game. Go through all of them to play like a pro player.


It is very important to keep a track of your character’s stamina in every game. Stamina is consumed as soon as a character starts the battle. It takes 6 minutes for stamina to regenerate in the game. The stamina regeneration speed is increased by 1% after every 5 ranks. Therefore higher the level higher the stamina regeneration speed.

There are three ways to regenerate your stamina quickly:

  • Ranking up
  • Using stamina recovery time
  • Refilling with star-guiding stones

Star-Guiding stones:

The premium currency of World Flipper is Star-Guiding stones. You can get Star-guiding stones by participating in events or by unlocking the higher levels. Use them for the following things in the game.

  • Purchasing mana
  • Rolling for character and equipment gacha
  • Reviving during stage battles
  • Purchasing premium packages

Different Mana’s In World Flipper:

There are two types of mana in World Flipper — Blue Mana and Green Mana. You can obtain them by completing quests, selling items, or buy using star-guiding stones.

1) Blue Mana is used for leveling
2) Green Mana is used for mana shop and character ability upgrading.

You can also farm mana in the game but we suggest you not spend your stamina and currency in building mana as a beginner and use it to level up in the World Flipper.

Equip Weapons:

Play in story mode and earn rank points, weapons, character EXP, mana, equipment, character upgrade materials, and many more things.

Weapons are very useful in the early stages of the game to level up. We suggest you not farm or purchase weapons as a beginner in the World Flipper. Complete the orbs chapter to equip weapons for your heroes and build your team in the beginning.

Team Building

When you go for team building there is an elemental chart on the top left corner. Elemental advantage help players to increase the damage dealt by 50%. Try and understand that chat very carefully and memories it.
Fire > Wind > Thunder > Water > Fire

There will be 6 members in your team in World Flipper. The top 3 characters will be your main characters and the bottom three will be the supporting characters in the match. Tap and swipe on the character to see their abilities and then choose them accordingly.

Unlock Abilities:

Every character in the game starts with only 1 ability and you have to unlock abilities as you go further in the game using mana and elemental stones. The maximum ability of every character is 4 abilities.

Power Flip:

The last and most important feature of team building is Power Flip. Power Flip is a special attack change based on your Leader’s type after you reach a certain combo count. The power flip charge level increases with consecutive combo up to level 3 in World Flipper.

That’s it for World Flipper Beginner’s Guide.