Wordle Answers Today (January 2022) – Daily Wordle Solution

Wordle is an internet word puzzle game

Puzzle games have always been a popular choice and Wordle is a prime example of that. It is an internet word-guessing game that has been getting quite a lot of attention, lately. Players get a new word to work out every day on the Wordle website.

Today, we will give you the answer for Wordle 213 for January 18th, 2022. Besides providing answers to today’s Wordle word, we will explain how you can start playing the word game and tickle your brain.

Wordle Answer 213 (January 18th, 2022)

In Wordle, players get a new 5-letter word to guess every 24-hours. Players need to guess the word within six attempts. So, what is the Wordle answer 213?

The Wordle answer 213 for January 18, 2022, is “PROXY”.

Here are all Wordle answers for January 2022:

Jan 18 (213) PROXY
Jan 17 (212) SHIRE
Jan 16 (211) SOLAR
Jan 15 (210) PANIC
Jan 14 (209) TANGY
Jan 13 (208) ABBEY
Jan 12 (207) FAVOR
Jan 11 (206) DRINK
Jan 10 (205) QUERY
Jan 9 (204) GORGE
Jan 8 (203) CRANK
Jan 7 (202) SLUMP
Jan 6 (201) BANAL
Jan 5 (200) TIGER
Jan 4 (199) SIEGE
Jan 3 (198) TRUSS
Jan 2 (197) BOOST
Jan 1(196) REBUS


Players need to guess a five-letter word with six attempts in 24 hours to succeed in Wordle. If players guess a word correctly with its right place it will be marked as Green. However, if they guess the correct word but it is in the wrong place, it will be marked as Yellow.

How To Play Wordle?

Players can then attempt to find the right place for the letter in the word. Additionally, if players guess a letter and the block stays Grey, the guess is wrong. There is no such letter in the word. It is a good way for players to challenge themselves daily as the words change daily.

Can We Download Wordle Apk For Free From Play Store?

No, you can’t download the Wordle application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store as of now. There are numerous fake or Wordle clones available on the internet asking you to buy their subscription to solve the Wordle puzzle.

Notably, all Wordle apk files available on the internet are either fake or clones. Yes, you read that right! If you want to download Wordle app on your Android and iOS device, you will have to wait until its official version is out.

Where To Get Wordle?

Players that want to try out the word game can do so on any desktop or mobile browser. There is no sign-up process required to play Wordle, players can simply go to the official website and play the game. Players can choose between different modes such as ‘Hard Mode’, ‘Dark Theme’, or ‘Color Bling Mode’.

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