MRH Wisplanterns And Boatshells To Unlock Submarine In Cultural Exchange Event

Collecting Wisplanterns and Boatshells is essential to access the Submarine in the Monster Hunter Rise’s Cultural Exchange event.

Capcom, the developer of the highly lauded shooter fighting video game Monster Hunter Rise, has left no stone unturned in presenting the players with an actual action-adventure RPG experience with a huge volume of content to discover. The game features tons of mini-quests which need to be completed to earn rewards that help you craft destructive gears and armours.

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There’s one such quest called Cultural Exchange which awards you extra Submarine but to complete it you will need Wisplanterns and Boatshells. You must be wondering where to find Wisplanterns and Boatshells for the Cultural Exchange Event to unlock Submarine. To find the locations stay anchored to this guide till the end.

Monster Hunter Rise – Wisplanterns & Boatshells Locations

To successfully conclude the Cultural Exchange Event and obtain the Submarine in Monster Hunter Rise the most required items as mentioned above are Wisplanterns and Boatshells. These important resources are located in two different maps meaning your character will have to do some leg work and search for them in the two maps.wislanterns-and-boatshells-monster-hunter-rise

Image Source – Capcom

Glistering red berry plants tend to drop the Wisplanterns. These plants grow on the lands of Shrine Ruins and this will be your first map to collect Wisplanterns.wislanterns-and-boatshells-monster-hunter-rise

Image Source – Capcom

Similarly, you can get Boatshells from the Oysters found on the map of Frost Islands. Now, where exactly are the Oysters situated in Frost Island? to the middle and eastern parts of the map.

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Fortunately, both the resources, Wisplanterns and Boatshells, can be found in substantial quantities, sufficient enough to accomplish the Cultural Exchange quest, which is the ticket to unlock the Submarine.

The submarine is a precious reward that helps you to forge the best weapons, making all of your efforts worthwhile. Furthermore, it also allows you to choose the commodity you wish to farm and send your buddy on a mission to procure it for you.

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Once you finish the quest you can return to collect the in-game treats and reduce the farming time which allows you to rather focus on the core tasks of the game.

That’s all the information and guidance for finding the Wisplanterns & Boatshells, completing the Cultural Exchange Event, as well as earning Submarine. I hope we succeeded in making things less hassle for you.