Whiteout Survival: How To Get More Survivors

Read this guide to learn how to add more manpower to camp in White Out Survival.

More survivors mean more manpower and a faster level-up. Thus, gathering survivors is a crucial part of the game. So if you are wondering how to get more survivors in Whiteout Survival. Read this guide till the end and learn all you need to know about the accommodation of the survivors.

How to Get or Accommodate More Survivors in Whiteout Survival

Add Survivors In Whiteout Survival

To get more survivors in Whiteout Survival you need to upgrade and construct more shelters and beds. When you upgrade your shelter or construct a new one, survivors will send you an application. You can sort and take the people you want. You only need to do this once. After that, survivors will automatically join your camp every time you add more space for them or rescue them. And you will receive side messages that more survivors have arrived.

Upgrading bunk beds is recommended first after building a new home. As construction and gathering resources for shelter updates take more time and effort. And upgrading the Furnace is crucial to unlocking new areas. You can build new facilities there, including a shelter, clinic, and mine. Because only taking them in is not enough. You have to appoint them to their tasks for better use. And that cannot happen without infrastructure.

And another thing that you have to pay attention to is their health and satisfaction. Sick troops will only hold you back, and they also need to rest in bed for faster recovery. So here you need more beds too. Ensure that they have plenty of food supply and that the Furnace is running extra hot at night. So they don’t fall sick. Because if they die, you will have to wait for more survivors to join your camp. And that is only going to hold you down.

That’s all on how to get more or accommodate more survivors in Whiteout Survival. If this guide was informative to you. Check out this other article on best heroes and how to add friends to the game.