Whiteout Survival: How To Add Friends

Read this guide to learn how you can make friends in the Whiteout Survival.

Friends can help you in your time of need and guide you to choose better. But how to add friends in Whiteout Survival? If you are wondering such questions. Then read till the end to know how to make friends and how they can add you to the game. We have covered all the possible ways known to us for now. And upgrade the list with more as soon as we get more information. So bookmark Ctrl+D this guide for any future possibilities.

How to Add Friends in Whiteout Survival

Make Friends In Whiteout Survival

You can add friends by searching their game ID or chief name and sending a friend request. You can also accept or blacklist players in the game. Your Furnace needs to reach a certain level for you to use this friend feature. And there are two ways to send friend requests in Whiteout Survival. Below we have covered both of them, so read till the end.

Method 1

  • Tap on your chat section to expand it.
  • If you have a joint alliance, you will see three sections. World, Personal, and Alliance.
  • Now, this method lets you send requests to any player. No matter if you are in alliance with them or not.
  • Tap on the picture of the player from the chat. And you will see several options. Press the Add Friends button to send the request.

Method 2

  • Go to chat and tap on the player icon. Placed right next to X. This will show you all your current friends.
  • At the bottom of this page are two buttons; Add friends and Friend Requests.
  • Press Add Friends and use the search bar to find your pal. It will show you a list of people that match your search.
  • Tap on the Add Friends button beside the player you are searching for.
  • Hit the Friends Requests button to see how many people have sent you a request.

That’s all on how to add friends in Whiteout Survival. If this guide was informative for you, then read our other interesting guides, like the best heroes of the game and how to get more survivors.