Whiteout Survival Alliance Guide

Here is all you need to know about Whiteout Survival Alliance.

Alliance plays a crucial role in overall gameplay. Having an active and engaging alliance is a blessing in Whiteout Survival. So if you are new and have not yet unlocked this system or are having difficulty understanding its resource and Contribution system. Then read this alliance guide and know all you need.

All About Whiteout Survival Alliance – Tech, Resources, and Leader

Whiteout Survival Alliance Resource Spots

Players after upgrading their Furnace to level 7 unlock the alliance feature of the game. Now you have two options. Either you can join an alliance or build one. If your Furnace is below level 10, you would have to spend Gems for creating one. But if you are above it, then it will be free. And both of these functions are accessed from the Alliance option at bottom of the screen, beside Shop.

If you are below level 10, you will teleport near the Alliance Leader after joining. But if you are above it, you would need to use Alliance Teleporter, which most players above level 10 have in their Backpack.

Alliance Resources: Iron Mine, Farm, Woodmill, Coal Mine

Alliance Farms, Woodmills, and Coal Mines are in abundance in Whiteout Survival. But Iron Mine is hard to find, and every team tries to get their hands on them. Now, many players are confused about how to collect these resources. The answer is simple, get these spots under your Alliance area using HQ and Banner. Once inside your Alliance Zone, it will automatically produce and add. You can check the speed of extraction by tapping on it.

Rank System and Leader Guide

There are 5 Ranks, starting from R1 to R5. R1 is the new joiner, and R5 is who created the Alliance or has been given a leadership role by the creator in Whiteout Survival. Only R5 players have the right to build Alliance HQ, transfer leadership, disband, and edit names or tag.

R4 is the second most powerful rank in the team. They can change decrees, manage invites, build alliance buildings, research, and more. R1 is the weakest and can only view members and leave the group.

Contribution: Alliance Tech Guide For Whiteout Survival

The Tech section of Alliance is divided into three streams; Growth, Territory, and Battle. Players from ranks 1 to 3 can only Contribute and not start research, but R4 and R5 can. You have to contribute Meat, Wood, and other items to earn contribution points, which you can use to purchase items from Alliance Shop. And top contributors get additional rewards every week. Tactical Expansion, Rally Expansion, First Aid Technique, Troops Lethality, and Troops Heath are five research that every new group should aim for.

This wraps up our Whiteout Survival Alliance guide. If you found it informative, read other same game guides like how to get and use Essence Stones and how to Increase Power.