Whiteout Survival: How To Get And Use Essence Stones

Want to get and use Essence Stones in Whiteout Survival? Check out this guide.

Essence Stones are one of the rare items in the game. Nor can players obtain them from random beasts or resource spots, and neither can they be gifted by other players. So how can you get these Essence Stones in Whiteout Survival, and what are their uses? Get an answer to all these questions with this WS guide.

How to Get and Use Essence Stones in Whiteout Survival

Get Whiteout Survival Essence Stones

Essence Stones can be collected, explored, won, and purchased from Bear Hunt, Mystery Shop, Foundry Shop, and VIP Shop. We use these Essence Stones to level up Mythic Hero Gear Mastery, providing it with an additional boost. Some ways require you to grind, while others let you purchase in exchange for in-game currency or real-world money. Let us now learn the ways, methods, and locations of the Essence Stones in detail.

Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt is an event where the alliance needs to set Traps to capture this Raging Bear. The trap lasts for 30 minutes, so you should catch and kill the beast before time runs out. You must deal at least 325k-745k damage to get these Stones in the Whiteout Survival Bear Hunt event. If your alliance cannot set the trap, that is because they have not yet reached level 5. Players can raise their alliance’s level by making timely contributions, taking part in Rallies, and getting more Alliance resource spots under the banner.

Purchase Essence Stones From Mystery Shop

This facility sells various items that players can purchase using Mystery Badge. And the Mystery Badges are collected from the final chest of the Daily Missions. You can also purchase Mystery Badge packs from Top-up Center in exchange for real denominations.

Foundry Shop

Foundry Shop resets every few days and offers a variety of items. This shop uses Arsenal Tokens as exchange currency, and players can obtain these Arsenal Tokens from Foundry Battle. The winning alliance gets more Foundry Battle rewards, but only the top 20 Alliance Powers can join the event.

VIP Shop – Get Essence Stones in Whiteout Survival

VIP Shop sells items for Gems. Gems are easily obtainable and gathered from Daily Missions and Growth Missions. But there is a condition you need to fill in for using this method. That is, you can only buy items present at your VIP level. And these Stones appear at level 10 of the same. Achieving this is going to take a lot of time. So players are recommended to focus on the previous three methods.

Hopefully, you succeeded in obtaining and using Essence Stones in Whiteout Survival. And boosted Mythic Hero’s Gear Mastery. If you did, then check out our other same game guides, WS codes, and How to Increase Power.