Star Trek Fleet Command: How To Get Access To Web Store

"A Web Store has warped into the galaxy!"

Star Trek Fleet Command has its very own web store that every player must gain access to.  The store uses real currency, unlike other in-game stores. According to the devs, it is now a new and improved store with exclusive bundles, free Epic Officer Shard, and much more. We will help you get into this new addition to the galaxy and help you make some purchases with the help of this guide.

How to Get Access to the Web Store in Star Trek Fleet Command

web store star trek fleet command

To get access to the web store in Star Trek Fleet Command, you have to follow the given steps –

  1. Log into Star Trek Fleet Command or Sign up, using your mobile phone, PC, or Laptop.
  2. Create your ScopelyID, if you don’t have one.
  3. Link your game with that ID and then link the store through your ScopelyID too.
  4. You can then access the web store through the game or a separate browser too.
  5. For now, you can check out the web store from here –

How to Make Purchases in Web Store

web store

To make purchases on the web store, you have to use real currency. The prices for all the bundles and other things are given right below the items. You can also get PC & Web exclusive items like Multiphasic Credits and more.

Players can also gain access to the special events, elite packs, ultra packs, recruit packs, and more. In short, there are tons of things you can purchase from the web store in the game. It is just like any other web store with a lot of variety. The store also offers Elite Premium Rewards and more.

This was all on how to access the web store in the game. If you found this article helpful you can also check out all Swarm locations in Star Trek Fleet Command.