Virtual Families 3: How To Work On A Career For Promotion

Here's how you can make little people work on a career in Virtual Families 3.

Virtual Families 3 is a unique simulation where like most other life simulators, you cannot force an activity, profession, or future on characters. Which also makes it hard for players to progress in any field and gain a Mastery level. If you also face this problem, read this guide on how to work on a career in Virtual Families 3. And get your little one’s life back on track.

Start Working on a Career in Virtual Families 3

Working Career Virtual Families 3
Image Credit: Gummy Bear on YouTube.

You place your little ones in their workplace to have them work on a career in Virtual Families 3. For example, if your character’s job is Butcher, Cake Designer, Mail-Order Butcher, Pastry Designer, and more food-related work, place them in the kitchen. Keep an eye on them, as they tend to slack off easily.

There are a few things you should know, before making them work if you want them to progress in their professions. The first is to make sure they have no mental stress. Such as the broken sink and a dead family member. Second, pay attention to their basic needs. They are happy, healthy, fed, and energetic.

These little ones might feel unappreciated if you never praise them when working on a career in Virtual Families 3. And this could lead to a scenario where they are working just for sake of working, which means no promotion. So praise them regularly when they are working. Make sure they are motivated, and after doing it for a month, you will eventually start seeing the result in your little one’s profession.

You should also feed them candies and check their dislike and like. To see if their career is what they want to do or not. Making someone who hates cooking a Personal Chef will only make them sad and furious. If you encounter such a scenario, tap on the little one and open their information window. Press the Upgrade Me button from their picture and select Career Change in Virtual Families 3.

Upgrade Me Virtual Families 3

The Upgrade Me tab has several options which help your characters progress and destress, like Higher Learning Classes, Advanced Career Training, and Psychotherapy. I recommend you use Career Change after Higher Learning Classes since your character goes to university and develops new interests in VF3.

That’s all players need to do to work on their career in Virtual Families 3. If this article solved your queries. Then read how to fix the sink and cure depression in the mentioned game.