How To Cure Depression In Virtual Families 3

Is your character feeling depressed?

Virtual Families 3 is a simulation RPG where players manage families of little characters as they go about their lives in the game. Much like real life, the virtual life of the characters in the game has its ups and downs. Sometimes, players might even find their little person feeling depressed. This guide explains how players help cure depression for their characters in Virtual Families 3.

How To Reduce Depression In Virtual Families 3?


If players want to cure depression for a particular character in the game, they will need to know the cause behind it. There can be various causes behind a character getting depressed. Let us take a look at each of them and dive into the specific measures players can take to reduce it.

Death In The Family

The most common reason for a little person to get depressed in Virtual Families 3 is the death of a family member. If somebody in the family has died recently, it is natural that the remaining members in the house will get depressed. There is not much players can do during this time but give the characters time to grieve. If  the character is still feeling depressed after a long duration, players can try the fixes mentioned below.

Neglect Or Too Much Discouragement

If players have been neglecting their little person or using the red hand to discipline them too often, they can get depressed. There is a simple fix to this. Praise the character for doing tasks and reward them with good candies. This should lift up their spirits considerably. Players can also feed them fruit to lift up their spirits.

Another way to help a depressed family member in the game is by having them watch a movie. This will improve their mood by a lot. If the movie time is done with the entire family, the effects will be even better.

Bad Food Or Illness

Another reason that a character might be feeling depressed is bad food or illness. If any of these factors continue for a long duration, it can cause depression. So, if the character is ill, give them the appropriate medicine immediately. Let them rest and recover. If a character has been eating bad food for too long, buy a fresh batch of groceries and cook a new meal. In addition, feeding the character fruits will help improve their mood in both these conditions. Players can get fruits from the Flea Market in the game.

This is how players can cure depression in Virtual Families 3. For more guides related to the game, check out How To Kill Your Family In Virtual Families 3?