How To Kill Your Family In Virtual Families 3

Want to kill family in Virtual Families 3? Learn to do it here.

In Virtual Families 3, you have to carry out one particular task while playing the game. And that task is to erase the existence of your family members. Now, keep in mind that you can’t use any violent measures to finish your family members, instead there are certain ways through which you can complete the task. In this guide, we will see what are the different ways you can kill your family in Virtual Family 3 (VF3).

How to Kill your Family in Virtual Families 3?

Kill Family in Virtual Families 3

As mentioned earlier, you can’t straight away wipe off your family in VF3. However, you can do it in natural ways. In this guide you will learn about the methods you can use to carry out the task.

  • Starve Them
  • Stop Caring For Them Emotionally
  • Stop Taking Care Of Their Health
  • Delete Their Profiles

These are ways you can try in order to murder your folks in VF3. Now, how do you plan on implementing it? Keep reading through this guide further and you will be on your way with the answers you seek.

Starve Them

It is one of the roads you can take your family down on. This method is simple but it is time consuming. You have to quit stocking up the groceries and don’t let them cook food. Eventually, they will die due to hunger. But remember, in order to implement this, there shouldn’t be any food in the house. This method works and you can try this in VF3.

Stop Caring Emotionally

Apart from starving, you can murder your family by ill-treating them. You can discourage them for any task they do and eventually they will get upset and start feeling depressed. Soon they will die due to lack of happiness. Try this method out and complete the task.

Stop Caring about their Health

Another way to finish your family is show discontent towards them. If you start neglecting them and their needs, they will start feeling distant. And eventually due to not taking care of them, they will die. You can try this method in VF3 to complete the task.

Delete their Profiles

Lastly, this is probably the easiest way to kill your family in Virtual Families 3. Simply delete the profiles of the family members and they’ll be gone. Once you murder all the family members, you can go back and start a new family altogether.

These are some of the ways you can use to finish your family in Virtual Families 3. Try out these ways while playing and look forward to new beginnings. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to check out more such guides on Gamesadda website.