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Virtual Families 3: How To Make Money VF (Become Rich)

Read this guide to know all money making techniques of Virtual Families 3.

Money is needed to purchase clothing, furniture, and upgrades. All the activities you need to do to progress are directly or indirectly related to cash. So here is how to make money in Virtual Families 3. This guide lists all ways of earning money, with tips, tricks, and strategies to follow.

How to Earn Money VF in Virtual Families 3

Earn Coins In VF 3

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To make money, start a career, watch free coin advertisements, buy a lottery ticket, complete goals, and sell collectibles, duplicates, and useless items. You can also get money by purchasing them with real cash, which is not used by many. So keep reading and learn about these methods in detail.

Start a Career to Get VF

To start a career. First, tap on the character and open its info window. Check what its profession is, then come out. Drag it to the workplace, like Kitchen and Office. And make sure you praise them. So they wholeheartedly perform their jobs and get promotions faster. You get a salary after every 24 hours.

Free Coins Ads

It is one of the fastest and most profitable ways of making cash in the game. Every ad you finish gives 200 Coins, which is not a bad deal. You can earn up to 1000 Coins a day. And ads replenish after a day or two. So you will never be short of that,

Buy Lottery Ticket to Earn VF

Now, this is a risky one. More like a gamble, but probably one of the fastest ways of earning money. One lottery ticket costs 100 Coins. Meaning you can buy two lottery tickets by watching one ad. You will face one below three scenarios. First, you will earn cash in thousands. Second, you get supplies like groceries. And third, you will get nothing. So use it wisely and don’t spend a chunk.

Complete Goals to Earn Money in Virtual Families 3

If you are a beginner, you will find plenty of goals that give Coins. To check tasks, go to Menu and select Goals. Scroll to check all the goals you can finish and earn money. Just as shown in the above picture.

Sell Collectibles, Duplicates, and Useless Items

As you progress, you will get lots of duplicate and useless items, including collectibles. Collectibles pop up quite often, so drag your little one to the collectible. It will store the item if it is new and sell it if it’s a duplicate. If you are sure your little one has already collected this item. Then drop it off as they walk towards the computer, this instantly sells your collectible.

You can sell useless and duplicate furniture by placing them near the recycling bin. It will open an option asking do you want to sell this item for a so-and-so amount. Press Yes to sell them. And you cannot sell clothes, only donate.

That concludes our money-making guide for Virtual Families 3. If this was helpful to you, read our other similar articles. How to work on a career and fix sink in the game.