Virtual Families 3: How To Feed Turtle

Turtles are one of the pets that players can get in VF 3.

Virtual Families 3 is a simulation RPG where players manage families of their own little people. Players get to live out their lives in the game and move through generations of a single family. On the way, they can even choose to get pet companions for themselves. For now, players can have cats, dogs, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice as pets. There are 2 types of turtles available for purchase the Red-Eared Turtle and the Box Turtle. If players have added a turtle to the household, here’s how to feed them in Virtual Families 3.

How To Feed A Turtle In Virtual Families 3?


Once players purchase a turtle or any pet in Virtual Families 3, they will need to purchase Pet Food for them. Now as long as players have a pet bowl for their turtle with food, they will come and eat food automatically when hungry.  If the turtle has not eaten food in a while players can drag the turtle to the food bowl. If the turtle is hungry, it will start eating the food now.

However, if the turtle still does not eat food and has a Starving status, it might be time for a Vet Visit. It will cost players 500 coins. If the turtle is sick, players can give them the Pet Medicine.

If there is nothing wrong with the turtle but it is still not eating the food, this might be due to a glitch in the game. To feed the turtle in such a case, players can send them to Pet Day Care or Destination Pet Day Care. A Pet Day Care will cost players 1500 coins while a Destination Pet Day Care will cost them 3000 coins. At the end of both these visits, the turtle will return with full stats.

That is all there is to know about how to feed a turtle in Virtual Families 3. For more game guides, check out How To Cure Depression In Virtual Families 3?