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Virtual Families 3: How To Have A Baby

Here's how to have kids in Virtual Families 3.

Virtual Families 3 is a simulation game where players can create and take care of their little virtual family. Players start out with a single character who can eventually get married and have babies to expand the family. Whether players want their characters to be first-time parents or just want to add on a new member to the family, the method to have a baby in Virtual Families 3 remains the same.

How To Get A Baby In Virtual Families 3?


Players that want to add a baby to their virtual family in the game will first need to get married and add a spouse to the household. If a single male or female character wants to get a baby, they can choose to adopt a baby in Virtual Families 3. Married couples also have this option. Adoption costs 4000 coins in the game. However, if a married couple wants to have a baby of their own, players can follow the steps given below to do this.

  • Buy a couch or a bed in the house.
  • Drag one partner on top of the other similar to how the characters interact with other things in the game.
  • Once players do this, the action bar for both the characters should reflect “Trying to make a baby”. If the characters shake their head and move away, the process has failed. Players can try again in a while till the action is executed successfully.
  • Both characters will now move to the bed or the couch to make a baby. This action will take a few seconds and the characters will kiss or jump on the bed. The characters should not be interrupted during this time or the action will fail. If there are other children in the family, players should take them to play outside the house or somewhere they will not disturb the parents.
  • If the married couple is successful in the action, a baby will appear in the mother’s arms. Players will also get a notification about the new addition to the family.
  • The whole family will gather and celebrate the new baby.

Factors That Influence Chances Of Success


There are a few factors that determine the success rate of having a baby. The first factor is the inclination of the parents. If both parents have answers like No Way or Not Really for whether they want kids, it will take them more attempts to get a kid. However, if both partners have Definitely as an answer to whether they want kids, the process will be much quicker. The chances of having a baby also reduce as the Age goes up. Players will want their characters to finish with kids before they turn 40. It is still possible to have a baby after this but the chances are lower.

In addition, health and hunger also play a part in the process. If a spouse is sick, players will need to give them medicine and get  their health up before trying for a baby. Similarly, if either or both partners are hungry, players will have to feed them before they can try for a baby. Also, depressed characters would be less inclined to try for a baby. Players will need to cure their depression before attempting for babies.

If players are doing everything and still not having a baby in Virtual Families 3, they can use the Baby Boost medicine injection to help. Some players claim that buying a number of Baby Boost injections can result in the couple having twins or triplets.

This is everything that players need to know about having a baby in Virtual Families 3. For more related guides, check out Virtual Families 3: How To Get Married?