Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock Disco Of Gold

Are you wondering how to unlock Disco of Gold in Vampire Survivors and surpass death?

Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror game that’s all about surviving the creatures of the night and making it to dawn. To assist with this weighty task, the game has introduced several mechanics that can help players. The Arcana modifier system is one such mechanics. Vampire Survivors currently has 10 Arcanas including the Disco Of Gold. Today, we will discuss how players can unlock the Disco Of Gold and its uses in the game.

How To Get Disco Of Gold In Vampire Survivors?


The Disco Of Gold Arcana was introduced with update 0.5.2 of Vampire Survivors. It activates Gold Fever, filling the screen with gold coins. However, it is not easy to unlock. Players are baffled about how to unlock the Arcana.

To unlock the Disco of Gold, players will need to reach 31 minutes in the Inlaid Library. This in itself might be confusing for players as Death shows up at 30 minutes. However, it is possible for players to block Death from reaching them till it is past 31 minutes. For this method, players can choose any characters or power-ups but make sure that they are strong enough to reach the end without hiccups.

Once players have reached, they will want to find a space that is not accessible almost in a glitchy way. The space with the bookshelves and the piano in the middle will work well for this. Now players just need to wait for Death to show up and then walk to the other side of the bookshelves. This way Death will not be able to access the player. A new Death will arrive after the 30 minutes marker has passed. However, by this time players would have already unlocked the Disco Of Gold.

Alternatively, players can also choose to kill death. Check out Can You Kill Death In Vampire Survivors? to find out more.