How To Get Valheim Thunder Stone And Learn How To Craft An Obliterator.

Here is how you can get Thunder Stone and craft an obliterator in Valheim.

The new Valheim update, Hearth and Home came out on 16.09.21. There’s a bunch of new stuff that has been added along with new items, new builds, etc. One of these new items is the Obliterator. To craft an Obliterator, you need a Thunder Stone. Here’s our guide to get Thunder Stone and Craft an Obliterator in Valheim.

Obliterator can be used to get rid of unwanted items from the inventory. It quite literally Obliterates things. If you stand close enough to it while using it, you can even hurt yourself. First, you need a Thunder Stone to craft an Obliterator. Follow these steps to get Thunder Stone.

How to Obtain Thunder Stone in Valheim

Since you need one Thunder Stone to craft an Obliterator, here is how you can get it. You can purchase Thunder Stone for 50 Gold from the Trader, Haldor.

Haldor can be found not that far from the spot you start your game. Mostly, you’ll spot him in the Black Forest Biome and when you walk near him a coin icon will appear.
If you’re unable to find Haldor, you can use a cheat to make him spawn.

  1. Open the Console Window – Press f5.
  2. Type imacheater
  3. Use f5 again and type ‘spawn Haldor’.

Haldor should now spawn. You can now Purchase a Thunder Stone.

Valheim Get Thunder Stone

Valheim Obliterator Crafting Guide

Now that you have the Thunder Stone, you can craft an Obliterator. You need 8 Iron and 4 Copper to Craft the obliterator. All you need to do to craft it is stand near a Forge with the hammer. Follow the steps to craft the obliterator.

  1. Go to the Crafting Tab
  2. Click on the Obliterator.
  3. Choose a location to put the item down.

It’s that easy to craft an obliterator. Now you can put all the items you want to destroy inside the Obliterator. You even get coal sometimes when you destroy something.

Valheim Thunder Stone

We hope you like this guide to get Thunder Stone and Obliterator in Valheim! Here are all the Onion Locations in Valheim.