Valheim- Hearth and Home: All Onion Locations & How To Get Onion Seeds

Looking for some onions to cook delicious soup in Valheim? Then check this out!

The new update of Valheim – Hearth And Home is out. Since the beginning of Valheim food is a very important element and onions are the main ingredients in different dishes made in the game. You can use onions in several recipes to cook soups and other dishes in Valheim. But it’s a difficult task to grow or find onions in Valheim as their exact locations are not known to many. To make it a little easy for you we have compiled a list of all possible locations of onions in Valheim.

All Valheim Onion Locations & How To Get Onion Seeds

The easiest place to find onions in Valheim is cold mountain biomes. So do not waste your time looking for an onions location in the black meadow forest as you won’t get anything here. Unlike other food items in Valheim, the location of onions is a little confusing or tiring as you will have to go all the way to the cold mountain biomes to get them.

Read further to know more about onion locations in Valheim.

  • Head to the cold Mountain Biome and find an abandoned village
  • Explore the village and go and search for broken huts. When you find them go inside and find onion seeds.

Valheim onions locations

  • Also, look for a wooden chest box in the mountain biome of Valheim. Open the boxes and find onion seeds inside them.Valheim onions locations

These are the only locations in Valheim where you can find onions. Explore the place and collect as many seeds as you can. Once you are done collecting, use a plant cultivator and grow them on your own. You can harvest onions and use seeds from the same harvest to grow onions now.

That’s everything you need to know about onions locations in Valheim: Hearth and Home. Check out another article on the Valheim sailing guide: how to sail in Valheim.