Valheim Boss Guide- Locations, Rewards, & Summoning Method

Here is a complete guide explaining everything you need to know about every boss in Valheim!

Valheim is a very interesting role-playing surviving game that involves a lot of building and impressive exploration. Apart from that you can craft materials, fight against bosses and other creatures to keep yourself entertained throughout. Bosses are powerful aggressive creatures in Valheim that need to be summoned. There are a total of 5 main bosses in the game that can be summoned to get exclusive drops and proceed in the game.

If you are looking for a guide that will give you a brief introduction about all the bosses in Valheim, then you are in right place. Here is our Valheim Boss guide that will give you a detailed idea about all the bosses, their location, the way to summon them, and all the rewards they have to offer!

List Of All The Bosses In Valheim

1. Eikthyr

Valheim Boss

Eikthyr is the first boss from Meadow biome and players will come across in Valheim. It’s a huge stag with electrified iron chains wrapped around his antlers. Eikthyr is resistant to Stagger attacks.

  • Location- Interact with a small glowing Runestone called Vegvisir to get locations of Eikthyr on your map.
  • Abilities- Melee, Lightning Bolt, Stomp
  • How To Summon? – Eikthyr can be summoned by offering him 2 Deer trophies.
  • Rewards- Eikthyr trophy, Hard antler x3, Eikthyr Power

2. The Elder

Valheim Boss

The Elder is referred to as King in the woods. He looks like a giant dead tree with roots coming out of shoulders, arms, and joints. He is resistant to Fire, Poison, Spirit, and Stagger effects and you got to use another effect in order to summon him.

  • Location- the Elder can be found in the Black Forest when you visit Burial Chambers.
  • Abilities- Vine Shoot, Stomp, Spawn Roots
  • How To Summon? Get x3 Ancient Seeds and burn them in Elder’s alter to summon him.
  • Rewards- The Elder trophy, Swamp key, The Elder Power

3. Bonemass

Valheim Boss

Bonemass is a third boss in Valheim and he is one of the toughest demons to defeat. He is huge and green in color found in swamps and is resistant to many effects including Blunt, Frost, Slash, Fire, Pierce, and Poison.

  • Location- Visit Sunken Crypts and meet Vegvisir to get the location of Bonemass on the map.
  • Abilities- Melee., AoE, Spawn
  • How To Summon? – Get x10 Withered Bones to Forsaken Alter to summon Bonemass.
  • Rewards- Bonemass trophy, Wishbone, Bonemass Power, Stats

4. Moder

Valheim Boss

Moder is a flying dragon boss in Valheim with black scales and white hair on her body. She is found in mountains and is resistant to Fire, Frost, Spirit, and Stagger.

  • Location- Head to the nearest summoning alter and get the exact locations of Moder in the MOuntain biome using runestone.
  • Abilities- Barrage, Melee, Breath
  • How To Summon? – The Moder’s Forsaken altar is called a Sacrificial altar and you can summon her using x3 Dragon Eggs.
  • Rewards- Dragon tear, Moder trophy, Moder Power

5. Yagluth

Valheim Boss

Yagluth is the last boss in Valheim and is also referred to as GoblinKing. He is a large skeleton glowing in Pink color whose only upper body is visible.

  • Location- You can find him in the Plains biome. Find Vegvisir runestones and they will reveal the summoning location of Yagluth.
  • Abilities- NovaFire, Breath, Meteors
  • How To Summon? – Yagluth is summoned using x3 Fuling totem at Sacrificial altar.
  • Rewards- Yagluth trophy, Yagluth thing, Yagluth Power

Here we come to the end of our Valheim Boss Guide. Check out another article on how to craft Jack-O-Turnips in Valheim?