Valheim: How To Craft Jack-O-Turnips?

Lets craft some Jack-O-Turnips for Halloween in Valheim!

The new patch note in Valheim is out and there are plenty of new updates and fixes like:

  • Tweaked food stats on the effort to cart (blood puffing, boar jelly, bread, deer stew, wolf jerky, mincemeat)
  • Night spawning monsters despawn faster in the morning
  • Fueling Al tweaks
  • Frost damage
  • Torch + weapon run animation fix
  • Sheild tutorial trigger fix for wood shields
  • Jack-O-Turnips

Check this guide out that will help you to understand what is Jack-O-Turnip and how you can craft it for Halloween in Valheim.

What are Jack-O-Turnips And How To Craft Them For Halloween In Valheim?

Valheim jack-o-turnip

Jack-O-Turnip is a new crafting material added in Valheim that you can use as decoration in the game. Make as many Jack-O-Turnip you can make for Halloween before they disappear from the game in the next update.

You can find Jack-O-Turnips in the Furniture tab on your workbench. It isn’t difficult to craft turnips as all you need to craft them is 4 regular turnips and (4x Turnips) and 2 Resins (2x Resins). Gather all the ingredients and craft as many Jack-O-Turnip you want on the workbench in Valheim.

Valheim jack-o-turnip

Wait! you aren’t done here. If you want to keep your Jack-O-Turnip lightened or illuminated till they are there in the game then you got to refill it with more resins that work as fuel to light Jack-O-Turnips. Keep collecting Resins and Turnips and decorate your gameplay to give it the best look for Halloween so far!

Head straight to the game to experience all the new updates and fixes Valheim has to offer in its latest patch notes. Check for the improved wood shield, spawning monsters, improved frost damage, and many more things from the list to enjoy Valheim at its best!

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