When Do You Unlock Romance In Hogwarts Mystery

Read this guide to learn about the HP Hogwarts Mystery romance tab.

Are you wondering how to unlock the romance tab in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery and what you need to do after obtaining it? All of that is covered in this guide, including how to go on dates, earn romance points, level up romance level, and go exclusive. Also, why should you attempt this side quest in the game.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery – Unlock Romance and What is Exclusive

Unlock Romance Garden Date HP Hogwarts

You must reach Year 4, chapter 9 to unlock the romance side quests of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Triggering this side quest allows you to go on Garden Date. If you have made connections and reached a certain level of friendship with desired characters. You will get to choose from six characters. Who you can invite on a date. And you will need Romance Experience points to level your relationship level.

Till you reach level 5 of the relationship, you’ll be unable to use any other dating location apart from Garden. But once you reach level 5, you will unlock the Courtyard Date. This place will let you reach level 7, after which you can get a side quest. Completion of which allows you to go exclusive and gives a reward. But reaching level 7 is going to take a lot of time and effort.

Going exclusive means, you will not be able to further your relationship with others. So you can answer No for exclusive dating and receive a gift. But that will take you to level 6 of the selected character. And this might not be a bad thing. It is worth it if you get gifts by rejecting all the characters till you have collected all the rewards.

There is the option of breaking up too. But that is not suggested, as it will take your relationship to level 1. Going exclusive will give you a gift and some other timely rewards. And you can level up your relationship to level 8, which will unlock yet another location: Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop. That gives 90 XP per date. Lot more than the previous locations

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