The Replacement Statue Task In Hogwarts Mystery (A Dragon’s Quest)

Here is how to replace a broken statue in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

Are you searching for a way to obtain the Dragon’s Quest replacement statue in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery? If you are, then you have landed on the right page. Here we will briefly explain what you need to do and how you can successfully replace the broken statue in parts 3 and 4 of the quest. We have made this guide as crisp as possible so that you don’t waste much time on the story, which you can read while playing.

HP Hogwarts Mystery – The Replacement Statue of Dragon’s Quest

Dragons Quest In Hogwarts Mystery

The quest is divided into two parts, after which you will receive a reward, and the statue will get replaced. Part 3 has five tasks rewarding you with items like Gems. Part 4 has three tasks, which reward Dragon Club Experience, Gems, and more. First, we will learn about part 3 tasks and requirements. Then we covered part 4, the time limit, and the star requirement.

A Dragon’s Quest Part 3 Tasks

  1. Go to the Dragon Club > Hear news > Listen to Gwenog’s Pep Talk (3 hours)
  2. Talk to Gwenog > Brainstorm for the Fundraiser (1 hour, 3 stars to pass)
  3. Go to the Sphinx Club > Moderate the Debate (3 hours, 5 stars to pass)
  4. Go to the Hippogriff Club > Reply to Barnaby’s doubt with Empathy or Knowledge answer > Find Barnaby’s Socks (8 hours, 5 stars to pass)
  5. Talk to McGonagall > Discuss The Fundraiser (3 hours, 5 stars to pass)

A Dragon’s Quest Part 4 Tasks

  1. Set Up for the Fundraiser (3 hours, 5 stars to pass) > Choose which event you are excited about, Duelling, Flying, or Uncursing objects.
  2. Find Gwenog Jones > Catch up with Gwenog (3 hours, 5 stars to pass) > Tell Gwenog how you feel after becoming in charge of the fundraiser.
  3. Attend the Fundraiser > Answer why everything is perfect > Enjoy the Dragon Relay.

The first task of part 3 is “Go to the Dragon Club“. This club is located in the West Towers clubhouse. You have to press the exclamation mark above Diego’s head to hear the news. Your group will talk for some time, and then you will all approach Jae. Jae will tell you that you need 500 Gallons for repair, which no one can afford at this point.

Therefore following this sequence, you will organize and raise a fundraiser for the repair. But you will still be short on Gallons. Then you will receive a surprise, which will ease your worries.

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