How To Beat Chiara In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Chiara is a Hogwarts student introduced in the Lone Wolf adventure side quest

Chiara Lobosca is a character that players meet during their journey in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. She is introduced to players with the Lone Wolf adventure side quest where players learn about her dark secret. Upon successful completion of the quest, Chiara will be added in the player’s list of friends. However, before that can happen players must beat Chiara in her werewolf form to complete the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery side quest.

This is easier said than done as Chiara is quite a powerful opponent. To make matters worse, a player’s required attributed will always be a level below the recommended attributes. This puts players at a disadvantage going into the duel. However, it is not impossible to beat Chiara in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Players will just need to think on their feet and have a strategy going in.

Beat Chiara In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Walkthrough


Towards the end of the Lone Wolf adventure side quest, Chiara’s secret will be revealed. Players will learn that Chiara is a werewolf. Though players will try to diffuse the situation, a duel will take place next. It will cost players 200 coins to participate.

Since Chiara’s werewolf form is much stronger than the player’s character, careful planning will be needed to beat her in the duel. Players will need a good balance of defensive and aggressive maneuvers to win the duel. Players should start out with Aggressive moves and then go defensive if Chiara wins a round. The key is to hit her with the most heavy damage spells in the arsenal while shielding when Chiara comes with a Aggressive move.

Using Sneaky with Chiara is never a great option as that is her go to move and more often than not players will end up in a draw. A draw can be useful if a player’s health is lower than Chiara. It will give a slight health boost to the players. However, if Chiara’s health is lower than the player, she will get the health boost.

Players need to avoid being hit by Chiara’s aggressive moves as they will cause bleeding and loose health over time. This is a sure fire way to lose the duel as players will drain their health fast.

This is how players can beat Chiara in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and complete the Lone Wolf quest. For more Harry Potter content, check out Hogwarts Legacy Release Date & More