How To Unlock Lord Arthur In Evil Dead: The Game

Wondering how to unlock Lord Arthur in Evil Dead: The Game?

Evil Dead: The Game brings the campy horror series to PS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows players. Players can choose from a wide cast of characters from the original movies as well as the TV series. These include Amanda Fisher and Pablo from the Ash vs. Evil Dead series as well as Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness. Players wondering how to unlock Lord Arthur in Evil Dead: The Game will find their answers below.

How To Get Lord Arthur In Evil Dead: The Game?


To get Lord Arthur, players will have to complete the fifth chapter of the single-player mode in Evil Dead: The Game. This is called Homecoming King. Players will have to collect the Kandarian Dagger, Necronomicon, and Arthur’s legendary Excalibur to complete this mission. These items are located all over the map and can be a bit hard to find. However, we have listed the best way to go about the task below.

How To Complete The Homecoming King Mission?

Finding The Kandarian Dagger

  • The Kandarian Dagger can be found in the Fishing Village or at the Flight 666 Airstrip.
  • Players might need a Shovel and a Crossbow for this mission. These items can be found at the Lucky Valley Lodge.

Finding The Necronomicon

  • The Necronomicon is located at the Knowby Cabin.

Finding The Excalibur

  • Players must go to the tunnels under the Fryingpan Tunnel and fight Evil Ash.
  • They will not be able to defeat him but only send him away.
  • Players will now have to find the location of the Excalibur in the Payne Manor.
  • To access the Manor, players will have to battle some red skeletons.
  • After this, players must go back to the Fryingpan Tunnel.
  • Here, they must go through the rift of space and time.
  • Players will be transported and will have to fight Deadite.
  • In addition, players will also get to defeat Evil Ash.

After these steps are completed, players will unlock Lord Arthur in Evil Dead: The Game. For more tips and tricks about the game, check out How To Win As A Survivor In Evil Dead: The Game?