How To Win As A Survivor In Evil Dead: The Game

Getting completely wiped out by demons and deadites in Evil Dead: The Game?

Evil Dead: The Game is based on Sam Raimi’s horror movie series and is developed and published by Saber Interactive. In order to win the game, players need to survive. Unfortunately, there is a lot that could happen in this game. From possession to deadites, there is a lot working against players. However, there are ways to increase the chances of coming out as a Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game. Let us take a quick look at some of them.

How To Become A Survivor In Evil Dead: The Game?How-To-Win-Survivor-Evil-Dead-The-Game-H2

There are a lot of ways to ensure that players make it as a Survivor and win in Evil Dead: The Game. Below are a number of tips and tricks that players can follow to go all the way through in the game.

Manage The Fear

Fear can be a problem for players if left unchecked. Players will end up revealing their position if their Fear meter gets out of control. This is why players must always keep an eye out on their Fear parameters. The Fear indicator is located near the health bar on the bottom left on the screen. Fear can be escalated due to several in-game events.

To manage their Fear, players should stay with their group, light a fire or stand near one, and not battle multiple opponents at once. If players do one of these, the Fear will decline gradually.

Stay With The Team

There are other benefits to sticking with the team apart from managing Fear. Players can also count on easy assists if they stay within range of their teammates. Venturing out alone is only going to make players an easy target for the demons. If players want to win as a Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game, they will need some solid backup.

In addition, players should assist any teammate that needs help. Not only will this strengthen the team, helpful players have a higher chance of getting an assist themselves if they need it.

In addition, players should maintain contact with their team all the time. Communication between the team can help ward of any oncoming disaster and propel the team further. The ping system is a great way to stay caught up.

Do Not Dawdle In One Place

Loot can be helpful but taking unnecessary risks for it usually doesn’t pay off. Players should not linger in a single spot for too long even if it is for looting. It is better to have a route and accordingly plan out the loots along the way. Otherwise, players might end up alerting enemies of their location.

Completing Current Objectives

Players can see the current objectives that they need to complete in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. These objectives serve as a roadmap for players. As long as players keep completing the objectives and completing the overall progress, they are moving in the right direction. Players can mark the objective location on the map to keep track of them.

Finding The Right Character


Players must find a Survivor that suits their playstyle best. While finding out the most suitable character might take a few tries, it is worth the effort. Players should take all the characters out for a spin and stick with the one they perform best with. This is important because different characters in the game have different types of specialties that are suited for particular styles.

Leveling Up Characters Is Important

Finding  the correct character is important in the game but leveling it up is even more crucial. Players should invest their skills points judiciously and level up they characters they favor. Each time players level up their character, it will gain strength. This can be crucial in the game.

These are all the tips and  tricks players can apply to win as a Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game. For more on the game, check out How To Unlock Pablo In Evil Dead: The Game