Cream Unicorn Cookie In Cookie Run: Kingdom (CRK)

Find out how to get the Epic healer cookie.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action role-playing gacha game where players can battle it out with their ultimate cookie team. There are a number of great cookies in the game currently with new ones being introduced regularly. The latest Cookie making its way to Cookie Run: Kingdom is the Cream Unicorn Cookie. It was revealed in the game on July 18, 2022. Players are looking forward to getting this Cookie as soon as it is up for grabs in the game.

We will tell players exactly how they can go about getting this Epic cookie on their team.

How To Get The Cream Unicorn Cookie In CRK?


The Cream Unicorn Cookie can be attained through the gacha system. However, players only have a 19.3% chance of getting it in the gacha pulls as it is a rare cookie. Players can use the premium currency of Crystals to get this cookie as well.

The Cream Unicorn Cookie is an Epic Cookie that was released during the Festival of Dreams & Wishes update of Cookie Run: Kingdom. The pronouns for this cookie are They/ Them. They are a healing type cookie. Their position is prioritized to the Rear. Players can use the Midsummer Night’s Dream skill to reduce Crit DMG received by the team. In addition, this skill will also silence the enemies. The enemies skills will be in Cooldown pause for a short duration. The Dancing Butterflies left behind by the Dreamy Unicorn will also heal allies.

Overall, this cookie is a great addition to the ranks of CRK. Players should definitely attempt to get this cookie on their side. The Cream Unicorn Cookie can be a great support character due to their healing and Crit DMG reduction abilities in CRK.

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