Strawberry Crepe Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom (2022)

Check out the best Toppings Build for Strawberry Crepe Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK).

If you’re looking for the best Toppings built for Strawberry Crepe Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK), then you’ve come to the right place. It’s an Epic rarity Cookie with impressive AoE, however, some fans are not happy with its Health and survival rate. If you also want to enhance the Strawberry Crepe Cookie’s powers, then here are the Toppings that you should use.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie Toppings Best Build in CRK (2022)

Strawberry Crepe Cookie Toppings Build Cookie Run Kingdom crk

Here are all the best Toppings for Strawberry Crepe Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • 5x Solid Almond Toppings
  • Swift Choco Toppings
  • 5x Hard Walnut Toppings
  • 3x Hard Walnut, 2x Healthy Peanut Toppings
  • 3x Hearty Hazelnut, 2x healthy Peanut Toppings

Now you know all the best Topping build for Strawberry Crepe Cookie. But among these, there are two of the best and most recommended toppings that you should use.

Recommended Toppings

As we all know Strawberry Crepe Cookie is a defensive cookie and has to be in the front of the team.

  • However, it has a Low survival rate and Heath but to improve it you can always use the 5x Solid Almond Toppings. This topping improves the cookie’s HP by a full 65% and helps it survive longer.
  • Another thing that fans are not appreciating is the cooldown rate. The Strawberry Crepe Cookie has a Crepe Thrust skill, where the cookie uses Giant Crepe arms to cause AoE, which is pretty amazing. However, as a downside, the skill has a 15 seconds base cool down. But don’t worry, you can reduce it to 12 seconds by using the Swift Choco toppings.

These are all the best and recommended Strawberry Crepe Cookie Toppings build in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). If you want to know the best toppings build for Parfait Cookie in the game, then go on and find it out.