Twitch Monetization Policy Changes

Find out the changes to the Twitch monetization policy that content creators are worried about.

Watch out, content creators! Twitch is reportedly changing its monetization policy. This change is going to mean a drastic decline in the money that content creators are able to make through this platform. Here is everything that you need to know about the changes to the Twitch monetization policy.

What Are The Changes To The Twitch Monetization Policy

Twitch Monetization Policy Changes

The changes to the policy include a new revenue share form, tier system as well as supporting advertising. This means that content creators will have to run even more ads on their unsubscribers to get any means of financial stability.

Not only that, the monetization changes include a reduced partnered creator content revenue from even their subscribers. This means that they will no longer earn 70% and instead will earn only 50%. These drastic changes have come as a total surprise to many. But for those of you that know of Engadget which was released recently, know that it is meant to get creators to run more ads frequently.

However, this does come along with some more freedom for creators in exchange for the loss of money. This also comes with a probable drop in the exclusivity requirement. Thus allowing creators to stream videos on rival sites such as Facebook Gaming and Youtube.

As Twitch is one of Amazon’s businesses, the service is able to be more successful than others that the retail giant owns. This move could prove to be detrimental to the success of the company. Since creators will now find it more rewarding to use other services such as YouTube to make their livelihood. Many Twitch streamers have come out against this monetization policy by Twitch as they find it unfair. And really, it is not a lucrative space for those that are looking to make a living off of views.

What do you think about the new Twitch monetization policy? Is it right or should it be changed back? Should content creators stay with Twitch or move on? Find out why Dr Disrespect was banned on Twitch here.