Twisted Wonderland Best Characters (May 2022)

Twisted Wonderland is full of whimsical creatures from Disney's stories.

Disney Twisted Wonderland is a Japanese battle/rhythm games that draws inspiration from the Disney Villains franchise. While there are a lot of powerful characters in the game, today we will be focusing on the absolute best characters in Twisted Wonderland.

The characters and dormitories in the game are based on different Disney Villains. These include Queen of Hearts, Scar, Ursula, Jafar, The Evil Queen, Hades, and Maleficent.


Best Characters In Twisted Wonderland


1. Riddle- Dorm Uniform


Riddle Rosehearts belongs to the Heartslabyul Dorm inspired by the Queen of Hearts Villains from Alice In Wonderland. A skilled magician, Riddle is an SSR Unit in the Dorm uniform. Riddle is particularly proficient with fire magic and can use it to cause insane amounts of damage to opponents. While the character is amazing at offence, players might want to keep an eye out as the character can be a bit fragile.

The character seems t be inspired by the Queen of Hearts herself.

2. Rook- Labwear


Rook Hunt of the Pomefire Dorm is an SR unit in the Labwear. A mysterious person by choice Rook is a light magic user. His Leaf Shot speels can deal out moderate to strong flora damage depending on the Spell level. He tends to spy and observe other students.

The character is based on the huntsman from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that served the Queen.

3. Leona- Dorm Uniform


Based on Scar from The Lion King, Leona is quite lion like in his demeanor. His can come across as lazy but is quite adapt at magic. In fact, his Signature Spell ‘The King’s Roar’ is powerful enough to turn anything he touches to dust.

A member of the Savanaclaw Dorm, Leona Kingscholar Dorm Uniform is an SSR unit. Much like Scar, Leona is the secondborn prince of his homeland. His spell Forest Strike II (completely upgraded Forest Strike) can deal high amount of damage to his opponents making him one of the best Twisted Wonderland characters.

4. Idia- Labwear

The reclusive Housewarden of the Ignihyde Dorm, Idia is has a strong affinity with water magic. A serious, introvert Idia has a strong affinity for cats. The Ignihyde Dorm draws its inspiration from the King of the Underworld. This character can deal moderate to high water damage with its Aqua Wave and Water Shot II spells.

Idia- Labwear is a SR unit.

5. Malleus- Ceremonial Robes

Based on Maleficent, Malleus Draconia is the Housewarden of the Diasomnia Dorm. He is regarded as one of the most powerful magic users in the world. However, he is not very good with technology. This character can wield both flora and water damage owing to the leaf Shot and Water Shot spells. Malleus- Ceremonial Robes is a SR unit.

6. Ortho- Archetype Gear

Ortho is the younger brother to Idia and belongs to the Ignihyde Dorm like him. Moreover, like Idia, Ortho has a strong affinity with water magic and has the same spells as Idia. While technically not a student of the NRC, Ortho was accepted into the academy alongside Idia.

These are some of the best characters in Twisted Wonderland. However, best characters are often defined by the players controlling them. Players should experiment and find the character that best suits them.

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