Evony The King’s Return: Best Troops To Use

Wondering which are the Best Troops in Evony? Refer to this guide.

Evony The King’s Return is a real-time strategy game where you have to serve your kingdom. You have to build your kingdom and cater to the needs of the subjects. Every now and then you may have to attack the opponents or defend your kingdom from enemy raids. And to do so, you need the best of soldiers. Well, in this guide, we have covered the Best Troops to use in Evony The King’s Return.

Troops and Generals are an important part of the kingdom because they determine the strength of your city. If you keep upgrading the Generals from time to time, you’d turn out successful in most of the raids and attacks. Well, read along further to know more about this game.

Which are the Best Troops in Evony The King’s Return?

Best Troops in Evony

While playing the game, you will come across 4 types of Troops that can be deployed against monsters, goblins, enemies, etc. The Types of troops are as follows.

  • Siege Troops
  • Mounted Troops
  • Ground Troops
  • Ranged Troops

Siege Troops

Siege Troops are one of the Best Troops in Evony but they have a price. Among the other types of Troops, these are the most expensive. However, they cause massive damage to the enemy and can be used against attacks on enemy castles. Apart from that, they have a considerable range of attacks that can act in your favor.

Mounted Troops

Mounted Troops are considered to be the best when it comes to attacking Monsters be it bosses or the usual. Although, these troops might not be quite against reliable PvP battles.

Ground Troops

Ground Troops are much preferable in PvP battles and for attacking monsters but it wouldn’t take much to defeat these troops.

Ranged Troops

The Ranged Troops usually focus on defense and are reliable only up to a certain point in the game. Ranged ones can’t attack close enemies, if the enemy were to be in closer range, these troops might not be your best chance.

However, you can forge your battalion considering all the types and come up with an invincible combination of the troops. For example, Ground and Ranged troops can work wonders if deployed together. Siege and Mounted troops can deal more damage together than deployed alone. Hence, try out your permutations and combinations and use the Best Troops in Evony The King’s Return.

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