Evony: How To Increase General Power

Here's how players can increase General power in the game.

Evony The King’s Return multiplayer online game set in the European medieval time period. In the game, players can progress through the game faster by increasing their General power. This is a big contributor to how easily players can defeat other players in the game. However, there are only a few methods to increase General power in Evony.

Let us take look at them below.

How To Increase General Power In Evony?


While General power is not the only factor players need to take into consideration when building their empire in Evony, it is an important one. Let us look at some of the options players have to improve their General power in the game.


Each General has different stats for things like leadership, attack, and defense. Once players level up their Generals, these Stats go up as well. Players can get their Generals to maximum levels to optimize their stats.


Specialization is where players improve a particular skill and increase their strength and power. However, reaching full skill maximization is quite difficult in free-to-play mode.


Equipment can give Generals added power in Evony. Each General has a different amount of star and refinement levels. However, equipment can be a little hard to find in the game.


There are five different general qualities in Evony. These are White (common), Green (uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic), and Gold (Legendary). There rarer the quality of the General, the harder they are to find. However, a higher quality General will have more power and better Stats in Evony. Players will want to prioritize higher level Generals though as they can can easily outrank the lower level Generals once leveled up. Historical Generals are the best option to opt for if players want a powerful General.

This is all about how players can increase General power in Evony. For more Evony guides, check out Evony: How To Get Stamina?