Evony: How To Get Stamina

There are multiple ways to get more Stamina in the game.

Evony is an MMO where players can build up their cities, train troops, and build up their empires. Players will need the Stamina to accomplish most tasks in the game. However, Stamina can be hard to acquire in the game especially if players grind through the game for a while. In this guide, we will explain how players can get more Stamina in Evony.

How To Get More Stamina In Evony?


The maximum amount of Stamina in the game is 100. That is quite a lot of energy if players are only going to play the game for a little while. If players intend to grind through the game though, they will need a lot more Stamina. Thankfully, players can try out the tips and tricks given below to boost their Stamina in Evony.

VIP and Monarch Levels

The VIP and Monarch levels are quite essential to getting more Stamina in the game. Once players update their VIP levels, the amount of time required to get a full Stamina bar is lowered drastically.  In addition, once players get to Monarch level 18, they can choose a talent to gain Stamina faster. If players work on both these levels, they will soon have ample amounts of Stamina to get through long sessions in Evony.

Event Participation

Another way to increase Stamina is to actively participate in events. There are a lot of events that offer more Stamina as a reward. In addition, these events also grant other rewards that can help players progress through the game quicker. Players will need to spend quite a lot of time playing the game to acquire event rewards though. In the end, it is worth the effort if players want to grind through the game and build their empire faster.

That is all there is to know about getting more Stamina in Evony. For more related content, check out How To Get VIP Points In Evony For Free?