Tribes Of Midgard Multiplayer Guide

Tribes of Midgard is the latest 10 player co-op multiplayer ARPG. Here's how to invite & add friends and play solo in Tribes of Midgard.

Tribes of Midgard is the latest Action RPG which players can play with up to 10 players in co-op mode. Even though Tribes of Midgard has a single player survival mode also but it is the 10 player co-op multiplayer that has been the USP of the game. Here is a complete multiplayer guide for Tribes of Midgard that will help you play the game with your friends.

How To Play Tribes Of Midgard In Co-op mode with friends

Adding or inviting friends in Tribes of Midgard is a fairly easy process but players before that players should complete the tutorial of the game. The tutorial is shot but important as it explains all the mechanics, equipments and weapons of the game. Follow the below mentioned steps to add or invite players in Tribes of Midgard

  • Start the game and on the home screen you will see an “invite” button on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Press the “invite” button and you will see a list of all your friends who have downloaded Tribes of Midgard. You can send invite to any of them by clicking on their names.
  • Once you have sent all the invites all you have to do is wait for them to accept it.
  • After all of them have accepted the invite you will be in a new game. If you have invited less than 9 friends the game will auto-fill the match with random players. In case you and your friends want to play by yourselves and not have other players there is a way. All you have to do is switch the Max players amount to Group only and it will restrict the game.

Players should keep in mind that you can invite all your friends that are added on your steam or PSN account and you don’t need to additionally add them in the game. You can also accept your friends invite and join their match in Tribes of Midgard. Players will get a pop-up on your screen and you just to have press ok to accept their invite.

How To Player Tribes Of Midgard Solo Mode

Players can honor their skills or just want to chill and do their own thing in the solo mode of Tribes of Midgard. All you have to do is on the home screen click on the “New game” button under Solo play. You will be alone in the island going against enemies and protecting the tree at the center of your village.

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