Tribes Of Midgard: How To Get And Use Golden Egg Rune

Here is all the information about the mysterious rune of Golden Egg and where to find it in the Tribes of Midgard.

There are a lot of runes and items which players can find in the game. But the Golden Egg in the Tribes of Midgard is captivating for all the players. The game is already released and as all the players know the game is full of mysterious things.

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According to players, these Golden Eggs can be used to give a player’s character Golden Horns in the game. If that sound like something that you are interested in then let us guide you to find the Golden Egg in Tribes of Midgard.

How and where to find Golden Eggs Rune in Tribes of Midgard?

Tribes of midgard golden eggs


Golden Egg is the most mysterious rune of the Tribes of Midgard. You can collect golden eggs by killing a good number of enemies in the game. We still do not know the actual purpose of golden Eggs in Tribes of Midgard. All we know is you can get 200 souls if you sell the Golden egg. Which sounds to be a good deal.

According to one of the players who commented on Reddit that a golden spawn of Roosters of Ragnarok appeared when they were equipped with a rune, but it’s not confirmed yet.

Explore the map in the game and look for golden eggs. While you are on the hunt for Golden Eggs in Tribes Of Midgard, your weapons and gears are likely to get damaged while killing the enemies then get it repaired as soon as you can and be equipped for the upcoming fights.


This is how you can get Golden Egg for yourself. The mystery behind this rune is not out yet still you can sell it by the time to get souls. To know how to repair your weapons and gears in Tribes of Midgard read our article on the same.