Treasure Of Nadia Fishing Guide

Fishing can get players a lot of money in Treasure Of Nadia

Treasure of Nadia is an adventure game where players strive to become famous treasure hunters. Along the way, players will face many trials and quests. They can also earn some serious in-game currency by fishing in  Treasure of Nadia.

However, fishing is not a simple process of reeling the fish in the game. Players will also have to know about the right type of lures to attract the fish. In addition, they will have to ensure they do not spook the fish by going in too close. Today, we will discuss some basic tips that can keep players reeling in big catches.

Treasure Of Nadia Fishing Tips


The first element to keep in mind while fishing in Treasure Of Nadia is to be patient. Much like in real life, fishing in this game requires a lot of waiting around for the right catch. Players need to keep trying for the fish they want with the right bait. While the right lure will attract the fish, the wrong one will repel it away.

As players may have gathered, it is pretty important to know the right baits for specific fishes. We have listed all the correct lures for players.

Best Lures For Fish

  • Seaperch: This is an easy catch and can be caught with also all lures. Players can use the Heavy Natural Plug to catch them fast.
  • Rockfish: Heavy Green Jig
  • Tuna: Heavy Pink Squid
  • Marlin: Heavy Green Squid
  • Hammerhead: Heavy Natural Jig
  • Great White: Heavy Pink Plug

Even after using the right lure, players still need to keep a little distance between themselves and the fish for them to take the bait. If players get too close to the fish, they will get scared and not come near the lure. The trick is to throw the lure at a little distance from the fish so they can see it and come towards it.

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