Genshin Impact Fish Bait Crafting Guide: How To Get Fish Bait

We all love the new fishing mechanic in Genshin Impact. If you're trying to fish and want those fish bait, here's a guide for you.

One of the best new features of Genshin Impact is fishing. You need to know how to get fish bait in Genshin Impact. This is because, in order to catch all the new types of fish from the new update, you need fish bait. We’ll tell you all about fish bait crafting.

There are new characters, new islands, and even new domains to look forward to in this update. Fishing is one of the most popular and best updates, however. It can get tricky as certain types of fish only can be caught using certain bait.

How to Get Fish Bait in Genshin Impact

There are 4 types of Fish Baits in Genshin Impact so far. Each bait can be used to catch different fishes. The 4 types of fish bait are as follows:

  1. Fruit Paste Bait
  2. Redrot Bait
  3. False Worm Bait
  4. Fake Fly Bait

The Fruit Paste Bait recipe is unlocked as soon as you unlock the fishing feature. So this is the first bait you will get.

In order to get the recipe for the other fish bait, you can buy the blueprints from Nantuck, the angler from Mondstadt. You can exchange the blueprints for 3 Medaka each. Medaka is a fish that you can catch using the Fruit Paste Bait.

So in order to get the other recipes you need to first craft the Fruit Paste Bait and catch some Medakas. After you have all the fish bait recipes, you can craft them using your Crafting Table. We have a guide for you to Craft Fish Bait in Genshin Impact

Fish Bait Crafting Genshin Impact

Fish Bait Crafting in Genshin Impact

Here is how to craft fish bait in Genshin Impact. You can use this crafting guide to craft fish bait and even find the crafting materials that are needed. You can also use this interactive map.

  • Fruit Paste Bait

    Materials Needed: 1 Sunsettia and 1 Wheat.
    Sunsettia: You can get this from trees anywhere in the open world. It is very commonly found.
    Wheat: The general store keeps wheat. You can buy it from there.

  • Redrot Bait

    Materials Needed: 1 Dendrobium and 1 Fowl
    Dendrobium: Head over to Nazuchi Beach to find this. It is very common there.
    Fowl: You need to kill birds in order to get this.

  • False Worm Bait

    Materials  Needed: 1 Slime Condensate  and 1 Berry
    Slime Condensate: These can be found from killing slimes in the open world. Slimes are pretty easy to find.
    Berry: Berries are found in bushes in the open world. These are also pretty common.

  • Fake Fly Bait

    Materials Needed: 1 Sakura Bloom and 1 Horsetail
    Sakura Bloom: Go to the Sacred Sakura Tree to find lots of these!
    Horsetail: You can get this in Dihua Marsh. You can also buy it from Bubu Pharmacy.

This is how to get fish bait in Genshin Impact. Along with knowing how to craft fish bait, you also will need to know which fish can be caught using what bait. So make sure you look around by testing different baits to make sure what to use and where. We hope you’re able to get all the Fish Bait in Genshin Impact. Check out where to find the Raimei Angelfish here.