How To Train Perks In MultiVersus (2022)

Perks allow players to assign buffs to their characters.

MultiVersus is a new free-to-play battle game where players can choose characters from a lot of crossover cartoons and shows. Since the game is still relatively new, details about MultiVersus are still being revealed. One feature that players might want to explore further is the Perks System. Perks grant buffs when they are unlocked for characters. However, players will have to train Perks in MultiVersus if they want a versatile range of perks for each character.

While some Perks are unlocked automatically through Character Mastery but players can also equip different Perks to their characters. Let’s see how to do this.

MultiVersus: How To Train Perks?


Players can train Perks for any character in MultiVersus after the character is at Level 9. Through Perks training, players can buy and assign Perks to different characters apart from the ones that are unlocked with Character Mastery. To start Perks training, players can visit the particular character’s page that they want to train Perks for in their MultiVersus collection. Now, players can spend Gold, earned through matches, to unlock Perks.

This is different from Character Mastery as players do not have to be restricted in their selection of Perks. Perks that have already been unlocked for other characters through mastery are cheaper to purchase. Therefore, if players unlock all their early Character Mastery Perks, they will have a lot easier time collecting Perks quickly. Players must keep in mind that Signature Perks cannot be purchased.

Equipping Perks that are not traditionally designed for specific characters might help players unlock unique fighting styles that might throw their opponents off momentarily.  Each Character Mastery Perk is designed to complement a specific kind of playstyle (Bruiser, Tank, Support, etc.). However, players can create more versatile characters if they experiment with the Perks. Naturally, it will take some time for players to find out the right combinations. That being said, the results might be worth the effort.

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