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How To Play Ranked In MultiVersus (2022)

Here's how you can play Ranked in the game.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover fighting game that allows players to choose from a diverse roster of characters. From Wonder Woman to Arya Stark, players can ride into battle with their favorite pop culture characters. The Ranked mode is a great way to improve and practice gameplay in the new game. The question is, how does one play Ranked in MultiVersus?

A lot of players have been asking this ever since it was clear that the game will have a Ranked mode. Let us see how players can unlock and play it.

How To Unlock And Play Ranked In MultiVersus?


While players would love to dive into the Ranked mode right away, it is not currently available in the game. The Ranked section is greyed out in the game and cannot be selected yet. It can be found in the Online section of the game modes. However, while players can practice against Bots or participate in Normal matches, they cannot play Ranked yet.  We could get more news about Ranked play with the arrival of MultiVersus Season 1 in August.

For now players can only wait and see when Ranked play makes its way into MultiVersus. There are a lot of exciting features to look forward to until then though. LeBron James has made his way to the game and players might want to get a little practice before the Ranked mode officially arrives in the game. Pair the legendary player with characters like Bugs Bunny and The Iron Giant to form alliances no one saw coming.

The developers have kept details about the game under a tight lid. There is not much known about how each mode will function and how ranking will be calculated in the game. We will be waiting with bated breath as new details about the game are revealed.

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