Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get The Purple Yam Pie?

Want to get Purple Yam Pie in Tower Of Fantasy? Check out this guide.

While playing Tower Of Fantasy, you have to carry out many activities to cater to your survival while completing quests and fighting enemies. And one of those activities includes cooking food. In this guide, you will learn how to get the Purple Yam Pie in the game.

Now, cooking food in Tower Of Fantasy is important because consuming food gives the character subtle advantages concerning the attack and defense of the said character. It helps you when you’re engaged in a battle with enemies. Read along with the guide and learn about the ingredients you need to make Purple Yam Pie.

How to Get Purple Yam Pie in Tower Of Fantasy?

Purple Yam Pie in Tower Of Fantasy

In order to make a Purple Yam Pie, you need these two ingredients,

  • Purple Yam
  • Brown Rice(x14)

However, it isn’t that easy to get Purple Yam Pie in Tower Of Fantasy. Because Purple Yam is a rare ingredient and can only be found in a specific region on the map. They can be found in the Warren region on the map. It is a snow-covered region located in the northeast.

But in order to access the region, you need to reach Chapter 5 or above. Also, the Suppressor must be upgraded up to V3.4 or higher. Upon fulfilling these conditions, you can set out on an adventure to find Purple Yam. It looks like tiny sprouts emerging from the ground. And you’ll find no more than a couple of Yams in a location.

So, you need to be alert while looking for them. And you can get Brown Rice scattered through the Grasslands in the Navia region. Once you have collected these two ingredients, all you have to do is cook. You have to go to the nearest cooking machine and fill in the ingredients properly. Upon consuming the pie, it provides you with 20 Satiety points in the game.

This is how you can get Purple Yam Pie in Tower Of Fantasy. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and browse through some similar articles such as How to Use Omnium Beacon in Tower Of fantasy and How to Like Presets.