Where to find Metal ingots, Gold ingots & Gems In The Survivalists

Here's everything you need to know about where to discover Metal ingots, Gold Ingots and Gams in The Survivalists.

Once you have learned how to cook foods in The Survivalists, the next thing you should know is where to get high-end materials such as Metal ingots, gold ingots and gems. Yes, these items are said to be impossible to discover but in this guide, we will explain how you can find Metal ingot, Gold Ingot and Gems in The Survivalists.

Where To Discover Metal ingots, Gold ingots, and Gems In The Survivalists

There is a reason why finding these high-end materials in The Survivalists are not easy. Yes, they are actually not found on the first Island in the game. In order to get them, you will have to go all the way to other islands in The Survivalists.

  • Metal ingots – Rocky nodes with silver ore.
  • Gold ingots – Rocky nodes with golden nuggets.
  • Gems – Rocky nodes with red stones/lava.

If you are travelling on a raft and discover one or more curious looking nods, it does not mean that they are high-end materials. The only reason is that because Metal ingots, Gold ingots and Gems are quite common the volcanic biome.

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It should be noted that Volcanic biomes are quite dangerous in the game. Walking on burning hot ground will drain your character’s health. However, there are two workarounds in The Survivalists:

The first workaround is by finishing the Mysterious Stranger’s second task (your second encounter), netting you an Elixir. If you use Elixir, it will make you temporarily immune from harmful terrain effects in volcanic or swampy areas. The bottle will be emptied after one but you can refill it by making a Cooking Pot and boiling clean water.

In the second method, you will have to bring various monkey companions as you are sailing. Once you have managed to find a Volcanic biome with plenty of nodes, you will have to use ‘train’ command, mine one node, then instantly pass your pickaxe to the monkeys.

Monkeys will help you to handle your entire workload. What you actually you need to do is to loot the metal ingots, gold ingots, or gems left behind. If you suffer a little bit of damage, don’t forget to eat some foods to keep your character healthy and powerful.



As you progress in the game, you are more likely to craft a teleporter, linking your island to more inhospitable place.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Metal ingots, Gold ingots and gems in The Survivalists. While you are here, be sure to check out The Survivalists Wiki guide.