The Survivalists: Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks To Get You Started

Here's each and everything you need to know if you are new to The Survivalists.

The much-awaited game The Survivalists is finally out and it has plenty of things to explore and craft. Have you started playing The Survivalists yet? If you have not started playing it as of now but considering to play it, here’s our The Survivalists beginner guide to help you out throughout the game.

The Survivalists: Beginner’s guide and general tips

Pebbles are Amazing

Pebbles in The Survivalist are considered as the best option because they allow you to craft hand axes in the game. It is one of the most common items that you carry throughout the game. Despite they have incredible durability and damage ratio, but they get their job done.

For the uninitiated, Hand Axes is something that you throw to your money companions, ensuring that they have got your back while exploring.

Take note of your health, hunger, and stamina

On the right side of The Survivalists’ UI, you will discover a Stamina meter, it is used to attack or sprint. On the very left side, you will see the health and hunger meters. Health is shown by the red icon while Hunger is denoted by a heart icon.

Make sure to take care of both hunger and health throughout the game. While exploring dungeons, you will have to take extra food since they will be the main way to restore HP. If you have decent health but continue to work with an empty stomach, you HP will gradually drain and your character will die soon.

Save often

After finding a cozy spot to settle in, craft a comfy padding and a makeshift bedsheet. Here are the items and materials that you needed to craft them:

  • Comfy padding – 1x straw bundle, 2x palm leaf, and 1x rope.
  • Makeshift bedsheet – 3x palm leaf.

Beds are the best option to save points and to sleep on. As time passes, your character will feel hunger. So, if you have enough health, you will want to click on ‘Save’ instead of ‘Save and Sleep’.

Get the campfire, crafting bench, and forge ready

There are certain items and materials that you will need to craft items in The Survivalists. Here are the required materials:

  • Campfire: 6x pebbles; you need 1x timber to start a fire. Once some time has elapsed, the fire will go out and you’ll have charcoal.
  • Crafting bench: 2x stone chunk, 3x timber, and 2x rope. Although you can craft basic items (default “C” key), the crafting bench provides more options and recipes to unlock.
  • Forge: 6x stone chunk and 2x mud; you need 1x charcoal to stoke the fires. The forge is for higher-tier crafting items. These include metals, glass, and rare ores.

Craft Animal Traps

If you are looking for perfect options to get food then you should know that Animal traps (2x wooden slat, 2x rope, 1x berry) are something that you are looking for. You can easily create Animal traps as soon as you unlocked the recipe from the crafting bench.

You need to place animal traps in the Wilderness, it should be a place where a lot of rabbits frolic around. Now, wait for a day and check back, there you will see some meat and bone left inside. You will have to grab them to start the cooking process.

Note: Animal traps could be damaged if you grab their contents, so you will have to make new ones eventually.

Bring Your Own and Monkey Food

As we have already mentioned above, you should carry not only your own food but Monkey’s food while exploring the game. Money food will come handy whenever you encounter — the Monkey Meal (1x petals, 1x berries, and 1x makeshift bowl).

Try to befriend them while you are on the way. If you did not bring monkey food and you encounter a monkey in the wild, make sure to check your map and mark a location.

Combat can be a little clunky

Combat in The Survivalists could be a bit clunky, because of your character either lunging or swiping only to hit empty air. Actually, you should be depending on your monkey companions to finish your foes.

If you wish, you can also time your counterattack properly. Once the enemy has a red exclamation point over their head, attack on them. This should lead to a combo that damages them brutally.