The Survivalists: Campfire Cooking Guide – Food, Recipes & Ingredients

Here's everything you need to know about The Survivalists: Campfire Cooking Guide

You would not be able to survive for a long period of time if you don’t have anything to eat in The Survivalists. Yes, you read that right! In order to survive, you should have your stomach filled with foods. And for that, you must know how to cook food from scraps that you found on the island in The Survivalists.

If you don’t know how to cook foods in The Survivalists, don’t fret, we have got you covered a guide to explain the same in the simplest way possible.

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The Survivalists: Campfire Cooking Guide

In order to cook in The Survivalist, you will have to construct a Campfire via Blueprint Mode first. Constructing Campfire requires you to have 6x pebbles, but you do need 1x timber to light the fire. Notably, once you have ignited the fire, you will get 1x Charboal that you can use to activate the Forge.

Here are items and materials that needed:

Item Required Materials
Monkey Meal (main; used to befriend monkey companions) 1x petals; 1x berries; 1x makeshift bowl
Fruit Smoothie 2x berries; 2x coconuts; 1x palm leaf
Stewed Berries 2x petals; 2x berries; 1x makeshift bowl
Charred Fish 1x fillet; 1x palm leaf
Sweet Fish 2x fillet; 2x fruit; 1x palm leaf
Crispy Wings 3x bat wing; 1x palm leaf
Meat Kebab 2x meat scrap or 1x meat chunk
Fruity Kebab 1x meat chunk; 1x timber; 2x fruit
Mango Curry 1x makeshift bowl; 2x coconut; 3x fruit
Sweetened Meat 2x meat chunk; 3x berries; 1x palm leaf
Sizzling Steak 2x steak; 2x berries; 1x palm leaf


It must be noted that whatever the food you cook in The Survivalists will have varying degress of effectiveness. There are some foods such as Fruits Smoothies and Crispy Wings that will help you to get a lot health. Whereas, Meat Kebabs will help you quest your hunger.

Campfire has plenty of options in the game but you will need to have Cooking Pot to cook a lot more stuff. The same Cooking Pot can also be used to create steaks and clean water (for Elixirs that protect you from harmful terrain).

That’s all you need to about The Survivalists: Campfire Cooking Guide. While you are here, be sure to check out The Survivialists Wiki guide.