The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – All Bucket Specific Endings

The Bucket is an important character in the game.

The Stanley Parable is an experimental choice based game. As the game has multiple endings, player choice is quite important in this game. It gives players the freedom to decide on their narrative and get endings that range from good, gad, and ugly. Now, it may sound bizarre but there are several bucket specific endings in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to get each bucket specific endings in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe.

How To Get All The Bucket Specific Endings In The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe?


The bucket is a special item that players can get in the game. There are several endings in the game that are specifically tied to the Bucket in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. Today, we will take a look at all of these endings and guide you on how to get each one.

The No Escape Bucket Ending


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  • Pick up the bucket.
  • Head to the door on the left.
  • From the staircase, head upstairs towards the boss’s office.
  • Step into the manger’s office and unlock the keypad behind the desk. The pin number for the keypad is 2-8-4-5.
  • Once you do this, a path will open from the fireplace.
  • Follow this path and then press the red down button to take the lift down.
  • This will lead you to the Mind Control Facility.
  • Now, you must press the button with an bulb icon on it.
  • Then walk forward and press the button with an surveillance camera on it. This will activate all the monitors in the room.
  • A new path will now open up taking you to a third platform.
  • Press the button with the up sign here.
  • Step up into the podium to go up.
  • You will now see the Facility Power room.
  • Go in there and turn off the Mind Control.
  • This will trigger the ending where Stanley and the bucket stay in the building forever.

The Bird Video Ending

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This is another trapped forever ending in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe.

  • Basically follow everything exactly as the previous ending.
  • However, instead of turning off the Mind Control, turn it on.
  • This will reveal videos of birds that Stanley can flip through with the controls.
  • Stanley and the bucket will be trapped viewing bird videos forever.

The Number 3 Ending


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  • Take the bucket.
  • Follow the steps till you as above till you take the lift down.
  • Now, instead of getting out, take the lift Up again.
  • Go back to the keypad and Press 3 repeatedly.
  • Go back down through the lift. Come up and press 3 on the keypad multiple times again.
  • This process will have to be repeated multiple times before Stanley gets to give a press conference on the Number 3.

The Museum Ending

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  • Follow the steps above to get to the life in the boss’s office.
  • Go down in the life and get out of it.
  • Follow the path to the Mind Control Facility. On the left, you will see an Escape sign pointing to a pathway on the left.
  • Go to the pathway and keep following it.
  • The narrator will try to dissuade you but keep following the path.
  • You will eventually come to a giant crusher.
  • However, before you can be crushed, you will fall into the Bucket Museum located below.
  • Next, players will come right back to the choice of whether they want to crush Stanley or restart the game.
  •  If you let the machine crush Stanley, the screen will go black and the ending will be reached.

Mariella Ending

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There are many types of Bucket Specific Endings in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. While most are comic and light, this ending takes a dark turn.

  • Get the bucket and go through the door on the left.
  • However, instead of going up to the boss’s office go down the stairs.
  • Here you will be stuck in an corridor loop.
  • Now, the narrator will tell the story of Mariella.
  • You will learn that Stanley went mad and lost his life in this ending.

The Hole Ending


  • When you reach the Mind Control Facility, trip over the railing inside.
  • This will trigger the Hole ending where the bucket and Stanley live below the office forever.

Escape Pod Ending


  • Go up to the Boss’s office.
  • Quickly step back before the door to the room closes. The narrator will go silent at this time.
  • You must now go back to Stanley’s office.
  • Instead of going in to Stanley’s office, go to employee 428’s office which should be open.
  • You will see a sign stating ‘YOU ARE NOW LEAVING’.
  • There will be an elevator reading ‘ESCAPE POD – FLOOR 760’.
  • While you will not be able to use this elevator, it indicates that you must keep going up till you reach Floor 760.
  • Here, you will see a sign stating Escape Pod Launch Bay.
  • Enter the door besides the big ESCAPE sign.
  • An Escape Pod will appear in the dark.
  • Stanley can now reach the escape pod and place the Bucket in the pod.
  • The Pod will close and the Bucket will leave the game.
  • Upon restart there will be no Bucket in its usual place. However, after one game, there will be a Replacement Bucket in place.

Destroy The Bucket Ending


  • Go to the back left corner by Desk 433 and Desk 434.
  • You can climb out of the window with the Bucket by crouching up and down by the office chair at Desk 434 to get to the top of the chair. Then move to the desk and then towards the desk divider.
  • By crouching down to fit through the window, you will make it to a white room.
  • The Bucket will be revealed as Evil and you will get to hear its story.
  • Stanley will have to take out the Bucket.
  • After the Bucket is defeated, the game will restart.


These are only a few of the multiple bucket specific endings that can be obtained in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. This article is a work in progress and we will keep on adding new endings. Do check back for a more extensive list of all the bucket specific endings to be found in the game. For similar content, check out FNAF Security Breach True Ending Explained – How To Unlock?