FNAF Security Breach True Ending Explained – How To Unlock?

Find out how to unlock and get the True Ending in FNAF Security Breach.

FNAF Security Breach has a Canon True Ending that when explained will completely change the perception of the game. However, this ending doesn’t unlock directly. You will have to perform additional tasks after which you get to this cutscene. So, if you’ve got the curiosity bugs, scroll down further and have a look at this ending! Major Spoilers ahead! 

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How to unlock FNAF Security Breach True Ending?

FNAF Security Breach True Ending Explained - How To Get And Unlock?

To get to the True Ending in the game you will have to take the Elevator downstairs into the basement. This will make you come face to face with the Pizzeria that was shown in FNAF Help Wanted. Now, you will have to enter inside and turn on all the generators that you find inside and outside the pizzeria.

Once you do this, you will hear Freddy’s voice in the background where he talks about it. As soon as his monologue begins, you will find that you descend even further in the room. Make your way downstairs and you will come across the True Ending in FNAF Security Breach.

What does the True Ending actually mean?

Freddy will start talking about Vanny and how he took Freddy and the other animatronics in the basement. You will now come across a burned effigy of Springtrap that the community has very imaginatively named Burntrap.

Burntrap is also known as Bonnie. Now, here comes the kicker. Bonnie is the suit in which Afton has been trapped. However, it seems that it is only Afton’s soul that has been trapped inside the bodysuit.

Now, you will have to use the TVs and vent systems to incinerate Springtrap even further. Once you cause enough damage, another cutscene will appear in which the Freddy Amalgam comes to take away Springtrap. This is followed by Gregory and Freddy escaping a collapsing Pizzaplex.

So, what I think is that the Freddy Amalgam in fact protects Gregory from Afton. Or this might also be down to its hatred of Afton. In doing so, the Amalgam also destroys the entire map. This in turn means that the location of Afton’s soul is lost forever.

Now, a post-credits scene will begin that will show a 3D render of a hill with Gregory and Freddy sitting atop it. Eagle-eyed viewers will find that this hill is the same as the ending that features Gregory, Freddy, and Vanessa.

This is the complete explanation of the FNAF Security Breach True Ending. If you want to learn about the other alternate endings, have a look at all the Six Endings in the game. Additionally, if you want to learn more about your favorite games, have a look at our Gaming Section.