Teamfight Tactics B-Patch 11.4 Notes: Olaf Nerfs, Nasus & Nidalee Buffs

League of Legends: Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.4 Notes is here. Take a look at what is in store for us in this new B-Patch 11.4 notes

League of Legends has been the most played game in the world released by Riot Games since 2012. Once again the developers of the games have brought a new update for Teamfight Tactics with its TFT B-Patch 11.4.

In this update, there have been changes to the system along with the patch including nerfs to Olaf, as well as buffs to Nasus and Nidalee, and much more. This guide will give you a fair view of what changes have been done in the game. So without any delay let’s get started on Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.4 Notes.

TFT B-Patch 11.4 Notes: Olaf Nerfs, Nasus & Nidalee Buffs

The changes have been quite drastic with the game’s meta. This has boosted Olaf to S-Tier + status. the steps to increase his stats by the developers can clearly be seen. This also included buffs for Nasus and Nidalee. Here are the changes made to all the gams unit and more.

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Olaf Nerfs

Riot game went all out to increase Olaf nerfs as it reaches the S-Tier+ status in this TFT B-Patch 11.4 update. He has received nerfs that have risen his status to number one carry in TFT even among his rivals in the recent patch. Along with the Runaan’s hurricane, it can take over a team of 9 and can split them quite smoothly. The changes have also made him prone to other weaknesses. Like the of the Runaan’s proc on his ultimate makes his damage output significantly weaker.

Nasus & Nidalee Buffs

In the previous updates, it was seen that both Nasus and Nidalee were weak in certain areas. This time they have been compensated with decreased Mana for Nasus so that he can cast spell quicker and easily whereas for Nidale damage at two and three-star is up. The changes are not that drastic and won’t get them the S-Tier status but relatively speaking the Buffs are gonna prove to be a big advantage. Even Talon has been buffed and had gotten bugfix that keeps his mana bar full if a target dies midway through his ability animation.

Below we have given all changes that you will be seeing in the TFT B-Patch 11.4 Notes. (Courtesy and Riot Mort)

Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.4 Notes


Tier 1


  • Mana: 0/80 ⇒ 0/70


  • Nidalee Javelin Toss Damage: 100/150/250 ⇒ 100/175/300

Tier 4


  • Ragnarok Cleave effect no longer triggers on Runaan’s Hurricane bolts
  • Attack Damage: 80 ⇒ 90


  • Fixed a bug where Talon would lose his Mana if his target died as he reached full Mana



  • Fixed a bug where Quicksilver was preventing damage from Nasus’s Wither and blocking some non-CC debuffs (e.g. Grievous Wounds, mana reave)

Runaan’s Hurricane

  • Fixed a bug where Runaan’s Hurricane’s bolt was benefiting from damage amp (e.g. Slayer, Giantslayer, Hand of Justice)

And this will be all you need to know about Teamfight Tactics B-Patch 11.4 Notes for Olaf Nerfs, Nasus & Nidalee Buffs. While here you may also like our article on League Of Legends Patch 11.4 Mid Lane Tier List.