How To Play Tetris Online In Multiplayer Mode? – Complete Guide

To learn how to play Tetris online in multiplayer mode, read the full article.

Tetris, a 1980s title matchmaking video game, may seem easy at first, but it takes a strategic mind to play and enjoy. Who taught that this simple game will make people go nuts by being addicted to it that even after 40 years players are hooked to it. When you compete with your friends through a link cable, the game becomes even more fun and interesting.

Unfortunately, today it is difficult to find a friend who shares your Tetris obsession. But here is exciting news for you. Thankfully, a smart programmer messed with the device, and you can now play Tetris in a multiplayer mode online with people all over the world. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s read more about this in detail.

Online Tetris Multiplayer Mode

Let me first introduce you to a Twitter handle titled stack smashing. He’s an IT security researcher who makes videos on reverse engineering, hardware hacks, and other topics. He is best known for blessing die-hard video gamers by hacking the latest games even before their release. Currently, he is working on enhancing the multiplayer aspects of the original Gameboy by putting it online.

How To Play Tetris Online In Multiplayer Mode?

In order to play multiplayer mode on a Gameboy, you and your buddy must link a cable and ensure that both of your consoles are tethered. Later on, Gameboy takes on the role of client-server, delivering an already prepared tetrominoes list to each of you. The server then determines which of you wins by cleaning up 30 lines first and which loses by piling up to the top of the screen.

Now, let’s see how the multiplayer mode of Tetris in the online version operates. Stackmashing built two customer programs both downloadable on GitHub.

  1. Local Client – You run on a desktop where Gameboy is connected using a USB adapter.
  2. Web-Based Client – Virtual lead Game Boy replacement.

The online process for multiplayer mode is something like this:

  • Matches are organized by the server.
  • Tetrominoes list is assigned.
  • Tetris theme is configured.
  • Game progress is monitored.
  • Unique codes are given to the remote players (you and your online pal) to join the match.
  • And the strategic match starts.

For better understanding, kindly watch the below video by stack smashing.

Final Words

The hack allows you to play Tetris in multiplayer mode with online players using the actual Game Boy device, and no sensitive information is shared. The ability to play the game with several players at once and have the last player in the match win is purely competitive.

You must be tempted to play Tetris in multiplayer mode online with global players to see how satisfying it is, right? Following that, also consider playing the best GBA games in 2021.