How To Get All The Badges In Tears Of Themis (Badges guide)

Players can get the Judgement badge, Rosa badge and the Starry Magpie badge in Tears of Themis. Here's how to get all the badges in the game

Just like any other gacha or otome game Tears of themis also has a lot of collectibles for players like cards and badges. While cards and Tears can be used in the game badges are only to decorate your profile. Even though there aren’t many uses of it players go crazy over badges. The one who has multiple badges is given legends status. Here are all the types of badges in Tears of Themis and how to get all of them.

All The Badges In Tears Of Themis And How To Get Them?


There are 3 badges players can obtain in Tears of Themis the Judgement badge, The Rosa Badge, and the Starry Magpie Badge. Here’s all you need to know about the badges and how to get them.

Judgment Badge In Tears Of Themis

The Judgement badge was the first badge introduced in Tears of Themis. Players could get the badge by participating in the closed beta and completing some closed beta-specific quests. The Judgement quest was a closed beta exclusive. This is why it is so rare and not many players have it. As of now, there is no way to get the Judgement badge if you don’t have the badge already. This is what makes the Judgement badge so elite.


Rosa Badge In Tears Of Themis

The Rosa badge is another exclusive badge that can only be obtained by registering on the website. Unlike the Judgement badge players can still get the Rosa badge by registering with their id on the Tears of Themis website. This shouldn’t take much time which is why you should get the badge as soon as you can. Given the badge can be availed so easily it isn’t considered as elite as the other badges.

Starry Magpie Badge In Tears Of Themis


The Starry magpie badge is the perfect mix as it is difficult to obtain and is still available for players to fight for. Players can get the starry magpie badge by completing seven rounds of the Summer breeze event in Tears of Themis. The event is going on and will end on 26th August, so you have plenty of time to get the Starry magpie badge.

That’s all for this one, do check out tears of themis top-up shop guide to know how to purchase items in the game.


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