Tears Of Themis Top Up Center (In-Game Store Guide)

Mihoyo just released the top up center or in-game store for Tears of Themis. Here's how to access it and some packs recommendation.

Tears of themis is the latest otome game from Mihoyo, the developers of Genshin Impact. Just like any other Gacha game Tears of themis also has a lot of in-game items, draws, and packages for players to buy. The in-game store or top-up shop for Tears of Themis was launched recently. Here’s the complete guide on how to access the Top-up store in Tears of Themis and what you should buy.

How To Access The Tears Of Themis In-Game Store (Top-up Center)

tears of themis top up shop

Players can access the Top-up store to buy items from the main menu of the game or the Mihoyo website also. Search Tears of Themis Top-up shop on google or just click here. On the website click on the “Top Up” on the top left of the screen and you will be redirected to the top-up shop. In the game and on the website players have to register using their Mihoyo account to access the Top-up store. This won’t be an issue as you already have a Mihoyo account if you are playing the game. The Top-up store has multiple payment options so you won’t have a problem with the payment method. We recommend you check the region before selecting and buying items in Tears of Themis.

Best Items In The Tears Of Themis Top Up Shop

Players can choose from multiple packs of S-chips and card pulls or draws in the Tears of Themis top-up shop. Here are some of the best packages you can buy from the Tears of Themis Top-up store.

  • There are multiple first buy packs for players to choose from, we would recommend you the 30$. The 30$ first buy pack gives the most gems per dollar.
  • The Monthly pack is also very economical as it can give 13 rolls worth of S-chips.

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