How To Win Debates In Tears Of Themis?

Here's a quick guide on how to win debates in Tears of Themis.

Tears of Themis is the latest romance detective game developed by miHoYo. Unlike Gensin Impact, this game has you playing as a beautiful rookie attorney, who had to select one of four Tears of Themis characters. Since the game is all about collecting evidence and debate with opponents and defeat them, there are players who are having difficulty winning debates in Tears of Themis and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

Tears of Themis: How To Win Debates

Winning debates is the only way to progress through the Mail Story and the character’s Personal Stories in Tears of Themis. If you really want to go ahead in the game then you must know what tactics and strategies you will have to use against your opponents in legal debates. To win debates in Tears of Themis, you must have enough Character’s Cards or the Power Level of the cards. Notably, Characters’ Cards play a very important role in defeating opponents during debates.


Irrespective of whether you are progressing through Main Story or the Character’s Personal Stories, you will have to debate with your opponents. If you manage to defeat your opponents during the debates, your level will be increased in Tears of Themis. Since these debates have a very limited turn, make sure you are fully prepared to crush your opponents with your witty and clever response.

As we have mentioned above, Character Cards play a crucial role in debating, make sure to select the perfect cards to counter the opponent’s argument and defeat them before their turn limit runs out. If you don’t have sufficient Character Cards, there are chances that you will stuck on a level that you must debate on. Lack of Character Card could lead you to lose in a legal debate in Tears of Themis as well.


If you want to counter your opponents in debate, make sure to use Character Cards. Here are all the attributes that Character Cards contains:

  • Logic, (blue)
  • Empathy (red)
  • Intuition (green)
  • Logic trumps Empathy
  • Empathy trumps Intuition
  • Intuition trumps Logic

If your opponents use Intuition to counter your argument, you must use a Character Card that consists of an attribute, Empathy to defeat them. For the unversed, the power of a Character Card is determined by its Level, Stars, and Evolution Tier.

Manifest and Upgrade Character Cards

The materials that you will need to get your Character Cards upgraded in Tears of Themis are Equalization Stars and Oracles of Justice. In order to manifest new Character Cards, you will have to seek wisdom from Lady Themis and use their rewards to get Visions. If you spend more Tears of Themis per draw, there are chances that you will have SR and SSR Character Cards manifested. In the first 30 Vision, you will surely get one SSR Character Card in Tears of Themis.

That’s everything you need to know about how to win debates in Tears of Themis.