How To Increase Score Multiplier In Subway Surfers

Want to know how to Increase Score Multiplier in Subway Surfers? Check this guide out.

Subway Surfers is an entertaining runner game that you can play at your leisure. Similar to any other game, you can keep a check on your progress in the game. You can check your in-game level through Score Multipliers. Even while you’re playing the game, you can see it on the screen. If you want to know how to increase Score Multiplier in Subway Surfers, you don’t have to worry anymore. Because all you have to do is go through this guide to learn how to do that.

How to Upgrade Score Multiplier in Subway Surfers?

Score Multiplier in Subway Surfers

The only way to Increase Score Multiplier in Subway Surfers is by completing the Mission Sets in the game. And you can only upgrade your score multiplier until Level 30. There are three tasks in one set that is assigned to you, and you have to do the tasks to complete the missions.

If you’re wondering where to find the Score Multiplier, it is a Golden Star with an ‘X’ carved in the center. It is placed on the top left corner of the screen, beside the Settings icon. Along with that, you can also see the level adjacent to the Star icon.

Initially, the score multiplier is set at Level 1. Then, as you complete the Mission Sets, you will see that number increasing. The missions are quite simple to carry out, but you have to be cautious. Because while attempting to do the mentioned tasks, you might sometimes get caught by the guard and your run will be over. And some missions are required to be completed in one run.

Now that you know how to Increase Score Multiplier in Subway Surfers, go ahead and reach the top. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, feel free to browse through other similar guides such as How to Add Friends in Subway Surfers and How to Get Jackpot.