How To Get The Jackpot In Subway Surfers

Here is how you can get the Jackpot in Subway Surfers.

While there are a ton of abilities in Subway Surfers, quite often, it takes a ton of money to get and upgrade them. One of the simplest ways to get this money is by winning the Jackpot. However, to get the jackpot, you will need to open the Mystery and Super Mystery Boxes. But will this land you the Jackpot that you are looking for? Here is the guide to learning how you can win and get the Jackpot in Subway Surfers.

How to Win The Jackpot in Subway Surfers

How To Get The Jackpot In Subway Surfers

As you get your character to run against trains and obstacles in the game, a ton of objects lie in the way. From obstacles to rewards, there is a lot to get in Subway Surfers. Sometimes, you will find a mystery box right there. You can also buy a Mystery Box from the store itself. After all, they only cost about 500 coins each.

Most of the time, you may get ordinary rewards in Subway Surfers. But there is only a 0.11% chance that you could get a Jackpot reward as well. This will give you a prize that is anywhere between 500 to 100,000 coins. To get this, you will need to either play the game for hours on end or spend as much as your reward in the Subway Surfers Jackpot. This is ridiculous and we definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

On the other hand, the Super Mystery Box is an upgraded version of the regular Mystery Box. This cannot be bought anywhere and the chances of you getting a Jackpot in Subway Surfers is most likely to be 0.98%. You can always win this box through the Wordy Weekend Challenges,  by completing the Daily Challenge for five consecutive days, the Weekly Hunt (having Super Mystery Box as a reward), completing a mission set after achieving an X30 score multiplier, and by watching ads. Which is a lot of effort on its own for a low chance Jackpot win. Although, the prize money is somewhere between 15,000 to 300,000 coins.

However, we still have a trick up our sleeve to increase your chance to get the Jackpot in Subway Surfers. This method gives you a higher chance to get the Jackpot. However, it does not guarantee that it will work. So no promises! Here is how you can get the Jackpot in a Mystery Box much more easily in Subway Surfers:

  • Start the game on your phone
  • Keep running till you find a Mystery Box
  • Now end your run and get caught
  • Open the collected Mystery Box
  • Go to the Store and open two more Mystery Boxes
  • Together, they will cost around 1000 coins
  • You now have a high chance to win
  • And this time, you should win the Jackpot

This was our guide on how to get the Jackpot in Subway Surfers. Hopefully, this guide works out for you! Let us know how it goes. To read more on Subway Surfers, check out this article on the back story of Subway Surfers.